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23 Hysterical Photos That Show Why We Can’t Trust Anyone on Social Media

Social media brings us the joy of communication and also an endless stream of personal photos. Perfect bodies, luxurious cars and phones, expensive vacations, and adorable animals — social media dazzles us with these photos. Though, most of the time, something less appealing usually hides behind these good photos. For example, thousands of tries for the perfect pose or even a fake background!

Bright Side was stunned when we got to know how people try to deceive others on social media, and we feel the urge to reveal these secrets to you!

1. How to create a “spontaneous” photo

2. Being a good player is so easy on social media.

3. Let them think you’re getting the perfect stretch.

4. Flawless and poreless make up exists only in photos.

5. These simple photos might’ve been taken under really risky circumstances.

6. Behind some vacation photos are hardworking boyfriends.

7. Getting in shape looks less motivating in real life.

8. The illusion of luxurious life

9. If you won’t hug yourself, then nobody will.

10. First you post a nice photo, then you can eat.

11. A good photographer can create a masterpiece in any location.

12. Freelancer life be like:

13. This is a professional model, but she also posts unflattering photos to prove that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

14. A little of finesse and free time will give you any luxurious item for a good photo.

15. Girls who try to show off with their boyfriends on social media might also be lying:

16. Best friends will support you in any situation. Literally.

17. “Took the whip out for a wash.”

18. Summertime budget lifehack

19. Behind every autumn Instagram photo:

20. It’s all about the pose and the posture.

21. You can own whatever you want on social media, no one will ever know.

22. The true illusionist

23. All girls will be yours, just pick the right photo.

Which photo made you laugh the most? Have you ever faked your photos on social media? How? Let’s share our stories in the comment section!

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