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24 Outrageous Photos That Are Like a Red Rag to a Bull

When someone scratches your favorite frying pan, when you spend days working on a puzzle before realizing that one piece is missing, or when someone takes up 2 seats on a bus — these are just 3 of many situations that are irritating for everyone! We have prepared a compilation for you today that will test your patience.

Bright Side has found 24 annoying things people do that they should be fined for.

If you’re a perfectionist, look away from this door.

You can’t see these lights either!

When something goes wrong:

Bubble wrap you can’t pop

“I just ’finished’ my puzzle.”

When the manufacturers decide to trick you:

“How my parents store their DVDs”

You should never park like this.

“Apparently the businesses in my shopping center decided that the recycling chute (2 units down) is too far of a walk. That door is my store!”

When you lose these things:

These bananas are both overripe and underripe.

“Someone at my college cut the ends off all of the Android cables at this courtesy charging station.”

This plastic that decided not to peel with the rest of the lid

“My husband browses online in bed in daytime mode.”

Who needs the road?

When the event staff put your wristband on like this:

“The bus is packed. About 10 people standing. And this woman put her stuff on the seat.”

When they cut your pizza like this:

And it all started so well...

“My nonstick pan after getting new roommates”

When someone does this for an entire song:

“The money organization in my 9-year-old son’s wallet”

Donut murder

Anyone with a pet can relate...

What situations make you mad? Tell us in the comment section below.

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