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24 People Who Deserve a Prize for Their Creativity

Odd and eccentric people make this world brighter. For example, John Chapman, an American drifter who was known as Johnny Appleseed, wandered around the country for 40 years planting apple trees on 160 sq m of land. He wasn't just throwing seeds on the ground – he took care of the trees. He wore a sack instead of a shirt and a cooking pot instead of a hat to cook food for himself. Over the course of time, he became a legendary character. Just as other characters from our collection, he wasn't a fan of rules and expectations and wasn't afraid to seem a bit ridiculous.

Bright Side wants to demonstrate that there's nothing bad about being strange and having an alternative way of thinking.

"There was a photo booth at a wedding where you could take 4 pictures in a row. I destroyed the stereotype."

"My friend's father said that he would look after the kid. This is what we saw when we came back."

"My friend's girlfriend is a radiologist. This is how he proposed to her: made letters of wire and pasted them to his stomach together with a ring"

Pure originality

How clever!

"We were parasailing and asked someone who was on the boat to take our picture. This is what we found in our pictures."

"I made a ring for my girlfriend."

"I was too lazy to knit the socks."

How to tell a person that he is not productive:

"My girlfriend took razor blades but forgot the handle. This is what I made for her."

"My friend asked me to help him with his wedding invitations."

"This is what my Grandpa made in his art class."

"Every time I buy a new phone, I take a picture of an old one and use it as a screensaver. My wife is mad about it but I think it's cool."

"My boyfriend's childhood photo. How did he make the frogs remain so still?"

"My Dad decided to check how smart my boyfriend was."

"I dressed as the blue screen of death on Halloween."

Looking fabulous no matter what

"This is what I gave my girlfriend for Christmas. How did you surprise your beloved?"

"One of the teachers didn't come to take a picture. We had to improvise."

"Traveling in Crimea, my girlfriend always found a place with an online webcam so that I could see her."

When you have a small kitchen:

A married couple planted their wedding bouquet

Cats can also be creative. Especially when they're cold.

"My wife texted me that our cat forced a mouse into a corner. Frankly speaking, I thought it would have been a different corner."

Do you have any stories about yours or someone else's creativity? Share them with us in the comments.

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