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15 Photos That Show the Unusual Side of Ordinary Things

Our world is so diverse that it’s just impossible to know about everything, even if you have a huge library. We, for example, didn’t know that ants are able to build temporary bridges using their bodies to make sure others can get across. And now we know what happens to a boiled egg if you forget about it for 20 years.

We at Bright Side hope that you love learning new and amazing facts about our planet as much as we do! If so, here are 15 photos just for your pleasure.

1. This is Valonia ventricosa, the largest single-celled organism on Earth. Yep, this is a single cell.

2. A newborn turtle touching the sea for the first time

3. A lone cloud over the city of Taipei

4. The side of a peacock that most people don’t get to see

5. Ants building a bridge with their bodies to reach the wasps' nest

6. In Italy, there's a cherry tree that grows on a mulberry tree.

7. A close bolt of lightning

8. The world’s smallest international bridge that connects Portugal and Spain

9. "This could've been my skull. Wear your helmet, kids!"

10. "This is what it looks like when it rains from a delivery truck mirror. Keep the proper distance and turn your headlights on!"

11. A sign language interpreter at a rock concert

12. These birds are Indigo Buntings. The males are bright blue and the females are brown.

13. If you've never seen a seashell move, here you go!

14. What happens to broccoli if you don't cut it fast enough:

15. "My mom saved an Easter egg for 20 years. The white disintegrated and the yolk fossilized."

Do you have any pictures of your own unexpected discoveries? If so, share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Kogorashi / reddit