25 Discoveries People Made by Keeping a Weather Eye on Ordinary Things

Life can never be boring if you keep a watchful eye on things: an unorthodox bench design, street art referencing an old video game, or an entire hidden world inside of a tree trunk. Some of this stuff will either leave you perplexed or with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Either way, you don’t want to miss out!

Bright Side encourages you to see the world through the eyes of a child and we collected a starter kit of photos for that.

1. “Today I realized these things are to prevent skateboarders from grinding on the ledges.”

2. “My dog fell asleep in the rain and the ‘outline’ looks like a cartoon dog.”

3. “These painted additions to some run-of-the-mill piping and gutters”

4. “Towelephant housekeeping made with my sunglasses I left in the room”

5. “Clearly someone strapped this tree to the lamppost before the post had fully grown.”

6. “These skate stoppers disguised as sea life”

7. “Found a magical cove of toys in a tree. Think I might add something to it tomorrow.”

8. “Our house still has all the original doorknobs from 1928.”

9. “This subway train has clouds on the ceiling to look like the sky.”

10. “This statue dressed for the cold”

11. “This floor pattern with the mathematical equation written next to it in an ancient castle”

12. “A piano bench outside a concert hall”

13. This Adidas that was found while hiking.

14. “This cobblestone was replaced with Legos in Antwerp, Belgium.”

15. “A bra fence in Iceland. Looks like a booby trap.”

16. “Carving that I found on the trunk of a dead tree on a walk yesterday. The side most visible to the public is untouched.”

17. “This little gnome door I found by a tree near my house”

18. “This banana-shaped wet floor sign I saw!”

19. “This tiny plant growing in my car window”

20. “Instead of flowers, people bring sticks to this dog’s grave.”

21. “Would not recommend. I put it in my corn field and found half of the ears cut.”

22. “Danny DeVito bought a brick to support my little hometown’s museum.”

23. “In the small town of Mogán, Spain, there is a parking area with a giant coffee maker.”

24. “A bench inspired by a Ford pickup’s seat, completely made of metal”

25. “This house matched their trim color to the blossoms on their tree out front.”

What little discoveries have you made?

Preview photo credit FinalSeaworthiness62 / reddit
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