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25 People Who Proved That Laziness Is the Mother of Progress

They say if you want to get some work done in the quickest and most effective way, ask a lazy person to do it. And the characters of our compilation are just another way to prove this theory. Whether it’s FaceTiming pizza or YouTubing vacuum cleaner sounds, these people are able to get the best out of their laziness.

Bright Side admires people who can twist any situation to benefit themselves and is eager to share with you 25 photos of people who are enjoying their own laziness, at its finest.

1. I photoshopped my tire to get out of work.

2. When you want to listen to music, but are too lazy to hold your phone:

3. When you’ve figured out how to use your cat to close your curtain:

4. When your wittiness saves you time and nurtures your laziness:

5. Quick windshield fix

6. “Killing 2 birds with one stone” in practice:

7. When heating it up in the oven requires too much effort:

8. Dual hands-free setup

9. When it’s garbage day:

10. When you don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to go all the way to the toilet, but still want the same comfort:

11. When bringing a chair to sit on just didn’t feel worth it:

12. When replacing the AC is not an option:

13. When the nearest shop is a whopping 5 minute walk away:

14. When getting out of the car to wipe the rear window is an uphill task:

15. “FaceTiming my brother to see what’s in the fridge has to be the laziest thing I’ve ever done.”

16. I FaceTimed my oven so my pizza wouldn’t get burned.

17. I may have crossed the line between “lifehack” and “lazy.”

18. When you are simply not in the vacuuming mood:

19. When sitting up wasn’t part of your plans for the day:

20. Innovation (or just a new level of laziness)

21. When, by saying you were going to spend the day relaxing, you really meant it:

22. When laziness is your middle name:

23. When going downstairs is mission impossible:

24. The predecessor to robot vacuums

25. When you and your computer are inseparable:

What was the laziest (and smartest) thing you’ve ever done? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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