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30+ Bizarre Folks Who Know How to Shake Up a Dull Subway Ride

There are over 4.3 million people who ride the subway every day in New York City alone. Most of these commuters have encountered some unique instances during their ride that made the experience a lot less boring and more enjoyable. It could have been the guy feeding his pink chicken cheerios or even time travelers from the 80s.

We at Bright Side gathered some images of interesting people and sights that were caught on the subway and that make us believe that riding a train is not as boring as it sounds.

1. Where is he going after he gets off this train?

2. If the shoe fits ... or in this case, doesn’t fit.

3. This is what happens when you “take the midnight train going anywhere...”

4. Oh Jesus

5. I think I’ll wait for the next train.

6. This person getting tattooed on the subway

7. Why would Mickey do that to Minnie?

8. This man and his buddy riding the train

9. This businessman that dresses for the job he wants and not the job he has

10. This person using a physical object to create their personal bubble

11. Time travelers from the 80s riding the subway

12. Waiting for his toast to pop

13. This Madeline-themed subway train

14. This cute little dog, riding his pony

15. Superheroes riding around on the subway to make sure everything is ok

16. This person feeding cheerios to a pink chicken

17. This person that looks identical to Anthony Hopkins

18. A very well-behaved duck on the subway

19. Is this Alice and Wonderland and the White Rabbit is camouflaging as a commuter?

20. How to save miles on your Minicrosser while still going to places

21. A pineapple for emotional support

22. So, how did your visit to the barber go?

23. Just a normal day at work. Now heading home to eat my cotton candy.

24. When you really want to be an astronaut and you pretend the subway car is your spaceship:

25. This kid found a comfortable place to sleep.

26. Having lunch like a pro

27. A selfie was absolutely necessary for this.

28. This little caterpillar that’s slowly turning into a butterfly

29. Rhinos now ride the subway and act like they own the place.

30. Spiderman to the rescue

31. This Grandma in her mini-car

32. The world’s biggest babies taking the subway

Do you usually ride the subway? Have you ever encountered anything similar? Please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with people who ride the subway to make them laugh and relate.

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