8 Things That Prove the Future Is Here

From robotic tutors to a child who has DNA from 3 parents, today’s time unlocks many different opportunities. Scientists and inventors make more and more new creations that could help humankind. In fact, as of 2019, there are 3.22 million patent applications, which means we’ve only seen a fraction of the next great inventions.

We at Bright Side found out about some recent technology that makes us think we may actually be in a science fiction movie.

1. A child from 3 parents

In 2016, a child was born with the DNA of 3 people. This technique was created to help parents have a child without passing on genetic diseases. In this 2016 case, the mother had Leigh syndrome, a disorder that affects the development of the nervous system.

One more healthy baby was born in 2019 with a similar technique. In this case, the mother had a few failed attempts at in vitro fertilization. So doctors removed DNA from the donor egg, which was then replaced with the mother’s egg. Next, it was fertilized and transferred for pregnancy.

2. X-ray vision for performing surgery

The CEO of Augmedics got inspired by a superhero idea. He thought that it would be cool for doctors to have X-ray vision during procedures, so they produced a headset that uses virtual reality to turn the patients’ CT scans into 3-D visuals.

This helps the surgeon to see inside a patient’s body without the need to look away to check scans on surrounding monitors. This device was cleared by the FDA in 2019 and some hospitals have already started using it.

3. A high-tech robot tutor for kids

Teachers created ABii, a tutor robot that helps kids learn by adapting to each student’s learning habits. It guides kids through lessons, breaks down problems, and when needed, gives brain breaks. It motivates kids to learn more and can be used in classrooms and at home.

4. Clothes made of e-textiles

Scientists are aiming to create a fabric that will detect movement and eventually give people more info about their exercise and achievements during their workouts. They actually did this by using different types of textile fibers combined with functional fibers that sense pressure from the person wearing them.

Even though they’re trying to integrate screens on clothes, right now they’ve just created a special fabric that can sense a person’s movements by just a single touch. Research has shown that these clothes can determine if a person is doing a specific pose or simply walking or sitting. But for now, researchers have developed a few prototypes, like a fill vest, gloves, and socks.

5. The first pod taxi

In India, there is a project in progress that will connect cities with a new type of transport, a pod taxi. It will connect people via driverless pods that are connected with a ropeway above cities and streets. The goal is to solve traffic problems.

For now, the pilot project has 16 stations planned with pods that can take up to 5 passengers. While it might take some time to realize the project, many businesses want to take part in it, even if it means recovering their investments after 25 years.

6. A real invisibility cloak

This new invention from Canada will be the closest thing to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Even though it’s just an invisibility shield for now, it will eventually be able to hide not just a person but vehicles too.

The material used to create this prototype makes the subject invisible thanks to different spectrums, and one of them is the terminal kind. The light that comes from the sides and out from the middle bends the objects and makes them look like they’re not there at all. Even heating sensor cameras won’t be able to penetrate the material.

7. Earbuds that can translate in an instant

One of the most practical translation tools was invented recently. The Ambassador are earbuds that meet the goal of breaking down language barriers. They translate conversations, whether you’re talking one on one or in a group.

These earbuds will listen to someone who is speaking near you and translate it into the language of your preference. It can detect conversations that are as far as 8 feet away and, so far, it can translate 20 languages with 42 dialects.

8. Solar roadways

Some inventors are trying to save the environment by creating eco-friendly inventions, and one of them is solar-powered roads. These are solar panels that can be used to pave sidewalks, driveways, roads, or any other surface that is meant for walking.

These panels can be programmed not only to mark a road but to show specific markings. Plus, they can generate enough heat to make roads safer during winter.

Which invention from the list would be most helpful to you? What is your dream gadget that you’d love to have? Do you know of other inventions that we may have soon?

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