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9 Best Ideas for Party Games for Adults

When you prepare a party, you want all the guests to enjoy themselves as much as possible. You might have in mind a cool playlist and delicious snacks. But when it comes to spending time together, you may be wondering which activities will guarantee unlimited fun for hours. Think no more because here we have the ultimate party cheat sheet with game ideas for large and small groups.

We at Bright Side love bringing the party spirit, and that’s why we searched for the best fun games for company at a party. These are outdoor and indoor games for birthdays and other parties. Save these ideas for your next reunion, but be careful! Chances are high that you and your friends won’t stop the party after these fun games.

1. Charades is one of the favorite group games

As seen on Friends, if you’re a fan of the TV show, you might remember those funny moments between the characters while playing this iconic game for adults. Charades is a cool game for house parties that can be played in small or large groups. And, of course, make it as interesting as you want.

As the leader of the group, choose a concept to play this game for a party; it can be movies, shows, famous people, etc. Each member of the group must write on paper names related to the chosen concept, then divide the group into teams. One person will act while the rest of their team will guess what it is about. Set a timer and when the time is up it’s time to switch teams!

2. Two Truths and a Lie is in our list of ideas for game night for adults

This is one of the easiest games for house parties that requires almost nothing to play except you’re ready to share some juicy secrets. To play this party game for adults, ask your guests to write two truths and one lie about themselves on a piece of paper. Then fold each one and place it inside a bowl.

Give that bowl a little shake and take out one at a time. Read each of them aloud and let the group guess who owns that piece of paper. And of course, what is the lie.

3. Here’s a Post It Note game perfect as an in-house game for party

If you’re looking for simple games to play as a group, here’s a great idea that only requires a stack of sticky notes and a pen. As a host, you will write on each post-it the name of a famous person, celebrity or well-known character. Then pass the stack of sticky notes around the group until everyone has one. Without reading what is on the note, each person should stick it to their forehead.

This funny adult party game begins with each member of the group taking turns asking about their identity. The interesting thing here is that all questions must be answered with only yes or no. So the person trying to guess her identity must be smart enough to ask the right questions.

4. For smaller group games ideas, we have Most Likely To

This is a great indoor game for a party when you are gathering a small, close group of friends. Everyone sits in a circle. The host of the party should start by asking a “most likely” question. It could be something like “Who is most likely to sleep with the lights on?” Then quickly, everyone should point out who they think is most likely to do it.

To make this a game with prizes, the host can stage eliminations until there is only one person left in the circle. If you need some inspiration to take this funny adult party game to the next level, check out how Jimmy Fallon does on The Tonight Show.

5. If you’re ready to spice up games for adults at a birthday party, we have Sporcle

This game called Sporcle is a favorite for house party games. When you want to test your brain skills and have a fun time with your group of friends, we recommend including this for an adult game night. The game consists of naming a category and having the players name the things that belong to that category.

This is a perfect and fun large group game, as it increases the level of difficulty when you come up with ideas. What you need to prepare before you start playing is a list of topics that belong to a specific category. Make sure these aren’t subjective, so players can get their brains working like crazy.

This fun party game can be played individually or in teams to increase the competitive spirit! If you decide to play individually, place everyone in a line; you choose a category and tell it to the group. The first person in line will start the game. Now, this is a game of speed at home, so each player has only 5 seconds to answer and then the next one.

If a player names something that has already been said or runs out of ideas, they step out of line. The winner is the last person standing. If you want to make this a team game, split the group into two. Each team will choose a leader who will represent them in each round. You can even make it more interesting as a game with prizes for the winning team.

6. Password will become your A-list game for a house party

Similar to charades but with a different dose of adrenaline, Password is an unforgettable funny group game. Suitable for birthday party games for adults, you will need at least 4 people to play. Divide the guests into two groups. Each member of both groups must write between 5 and 10 words on individual sheets of paper.

These mysterious words written by each player will become the famous “passwords”. To start the game, each team will select a player to be “It”, this role will be changed each round. Teams must choose a password from the opposing team. Then, it is time for “It” to guess the password. Players from each team will take turns giving one-word clues about “It.”

The winning team will be the one that provides the best one-word clues so that “It” can guess the password in the shortest amount of time. Have as many passwords as you want to make this house party game last as long as possible.

7. This not the regular Pictionary but a cooler version for home games for adults

If you are looking for a more exciting version of the traditional Pictionary game, look no further because we have it here. This new version of the party game is played with a mix of the Telephone game dynamics. Each player should have a notepad or as many sheets of paper as there are people playing.

Making sure no one is looking, write a word or phrase on the first sheet of paper. Pass this paper next to you in a clockwise direction. To continue with this fun party game, the player who is handed the paper will look at the phrase or word, move it to the bottom of their stack, and then draw their own interpretation.

Once everyone has finished drawing, repeat these actions again, this time passing the drawing. Now the person will have to guess the draw and interpret it in a word or phrase. Move the drawing to the bottom of the stack and continue.

This game for adults consists of alternating between pictures and words. The fun for adults part comes when everyone can see and laugh at each other’s drawings.

8. A classic Musical Chairs reinvented for birthday party games for adult

We all love an oldie but goodie classic game. You may remember musical chairs as one of the party games you played as a child. But we are happy to inform you that this is a perfect birthday game for adults as well. All you need for this game for adults to play is to set up chairs, preferably outside to have more space.

Remember that the number of chairs will be the total number of players minus one. There will be music and the players will walk around the chairs. When the music stops, each player must find an empty seat, whoever remains standing will be eliminated. The rounds will continue, eliminating one chair, so in the end, there will be two players competing for a chair. Enjoy this fun party game!

9. Play the DJ on your next family game party

If you ever wanted to be a DJ, this is your chance to show off your musical skills in this fun party game called Name that Tune. As its name says, the objective of this game for adults is to be the first to guess the name of the song. And as DJ, you will have the power to make it as difficult as you want.

This game for indoors can be played as a team or individually. Points will be added according to as many songs that each player guesses first. Make it more difficult by playing songs from musicals, movies, TV shows, or in other languages. The winning team will be the one with the most points. If you’re ready for a fun party game, get your musical ear ready and turn on that music!

Do you know more ideas for party games for adults? Share with us in the comments below how you like to bring fun to your family and friends’ parties.

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