An App Can Find Cheap Versions of Celebrity Clothing, and It Takes Shopping to a Whole New Level

Remember the last time you saw a pair of stunning high heels that a celebrity was wearing and thought that those shoes were a must-have in your wardrobe, but then couldn’t find them online. Seems like we found an app that won’t let this happen ever again.

From now on, we at Bright Side will never shop the way we did before, and we believe that this app may change the shopping experience for all of our readers.

ScreenShop is going to change the way you shop.

You no longer need to search for clothes online — this app will do it for you. ScreenShop uses artificial intelligence to identify shoppable items in an image. The founders of the app describe their purpose the following way: “We are pushing the forefront of machine learning and creating novel algorithms and systems for aesthetic discovery and personalization.”

You can find celebrity clothing at a lower price.

The way ScreenShop operates is pretty simple. First, you upload the screenshot of an outfit you want to find. The artificial intelligence identifies the clothes in the picture and, then, the app provides you with the list of retailers that stock similar clothes and accessories at lower prices.

It not only works with celebrity clothing but with any picture you see online. So, yes, you can finally find that look you saw on Pinterest and desperately wanted to buy.

Kim Kardashian collaborated with the app.

Kim Kardashian collaborated with the app to ease the way people shop. “I obviously want to invest my time in projects that I really think people would want and on things I haven’t seen before,” she shared. “Just being able to seamlessly convert any screenshot into an instant digital fashion store—the concept of that is just so fascinating.”

Kardashian says the app is constantly expanding and will work with stores that provide clothes for both adults and children. Still, ScreenShop works with many big retailing companies and provides a wide database of clothing.

Users are in love with it.

I’ve been looking for an app that did this for so long. My friend has these really cute panties and she wouldn’t tell me where she got them, so I took a pic of her plumber’s crack and found a pair just like them. Needless to say, I’m gonna be taking a lot more screenshots so I can cop the cutest fits!
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I heard about this app through Kim K’s Snapchat, it turns out that I love it. It is beyond frustrating trying to find things by describing them detail by detail to Google and having it come up with the opposite of what you were looking for. Thank you for allowing me and my hair a stress-free shopping experience because no one has time to pull out their hair when fighting with Google. Get the app, save your hair. Now enjoy laughing at this comment for its brutal honesty.
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What celebrity look would you like to buy? Show it to us in the comment section below.

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