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If You Don’t Believe in Miracles Anymore, Here Are 23 Reasons to Change Your Mind

Houdini and Copperfield are not the only real magicians in the world. Even the most ordinary people can create magic every day. It doesn’t matter what they actually do, whether it’s helping a turtle to cross the street, cleaning their neighbor’s backyard after a storm, or helping a disadvantaged child run a marathon. Our kind world consists of these very actions.

Bright Side is going to prove to you that we all can be wizards without ever picking up a magic wand.

“I thought I lost my wallet somewhere while on vacation but someone sent it back to my home address with every last bit of cash left in it.”

The story of 1 lost key

“Thank you.”

“I sold a van named Carter. I had many interested buyers, some offered $5k over the asking price if I’d sell it to them, but they were not first in line. I had a family come look at the van first, and I honored my original asking price. 2 months later I got this.”

Such good luck!

“I gave my dad a bean for Father’s Day. It took him a second but he finally realized...I’m a match to donate a kidney!”

“It’s been 5 years since doctors told me I couldn’t carry a baby full term. I remember the day when I went home, crying all the way, certain that I was going to lose my baby. Today is her 5th birthday. She’s healthy and happy! She’s my miracle.”

“I was in Guatemala during the recent volcanic eruption. I organized a small drive to collect supplies that were needed the most and this photo shows what was donated in just a few days!”

For the mailman, with love...

“My boyfriend is a marine and isn’t home to take me to my senior his little brother stepped in and took his place. I’m so happy!”

“Because of his lunchbox with cats on it, my cousin was teased by other boys in class. I have decided to stand with my little cousin and show him that a person has a right to love whatever they want.”

A kitten being rescued from a 50-ft deep well

“My local grocery store has a cute fruit stand.”

“In my city, there’s a place where homeless and poor people can take warm clothes.”

“If you’re cold, it’s yours. If you want to help, leave it here.”

“A local hardware store put out cold water when it was almost 100°F.”

These guys were in the back and going the slowest but they were just getting this kid to cross the finish line.

This guy was directing traffic to allow a turtle to cross the road.

Fans cleaning up at the World Cup

Rain flooded the streets and this guy helped women get out of their cars.

“My 72-year-old grandma cleans schools and does it better than anyone else she works with. The teachers there always make sure she knows.”

“4 years ago I became the dad of 3 adopted children...”

“My cousin has been dating the same guy for 28 years and yesterday they got married.”

“My Peruvian family just moved into a conservative Utah neighborhood and this sign made my mom cry a little.”

“After bad storms, this retired old man goes around our neighborhood and cleans the debris out of yards. When I asked him why he did it, he said, ’Because I’m retired and have the time to help.’”

Here’s a bonus! When a feeder is full of miracles:

Have you ever witnessed kind actions like these? Tell us the story down below!

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