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Lizzo Sent Her Award Show Dress to a Fan Who Asked to Borrow It on Tiktok

Lizzo’s fans are obsessed with her for a good reason. She’s an incredible artist, and her personality is just as great. So when one fan asked Lizzo if they could borrow the Emmy dress she wore to the award show, our heart melted, and we knew this story would make you smile too.

When writer Aurielle Marie (they/she) was facing a fashion tragedy — an invitation to a fancy gala with no suitable outfit in their closet — they shared their plight on the video-sharing app TikTok and reached out for help.

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“I can’t find anything to wear,” they posted. There’s no doubt that Aurielle Marie was thrilled about the gala, especially since they were invited to celebrate their inclusion on the Out100 list as “one of the most important queer voices in the literary world.”

Lizzo sent her dress to Aurielle so they could attend an event in style. She sent her dress so Aurielle could attend the event in style. Lucky for Aurielle, they received the box that held the dress mere minutes before they were set to head to the airport for the event.

When Lizzo sent a dress to a fan to attend an event, Aurielle was expecting the 2022 Emmy dress, but they were thrilled with the 2019 American Music Awards getup!

Imagine that you could borrow any outfit from a famous person. Who would it be, and what costume would you choose?

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