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People Share 24 Ways to Use Every Inch of Space in Your House

Either it’s jewelry and clothes that are strewn all over your bedroom or cleaning products that are overflowing from your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, clutter is something most houses have to deal with. If you stay tuned, you will see that the solution to this problem is way easier than you might imagine.

Bright Side collected a few smart ways that will help you organize your home while freeing up the necessary space.

1. Over-the-bed bookshelves

2. The skinniest pantry

3. Taking advantage of all the free space

4. Magnetic spice rack

5. Utilizing the ceiling of a tiny garage

6. A unique shoe rack that takes up minimum space

7. Utilizing an empty corner with an old door made into a shelf

8. Because no one likes tangled cords.

9. Blinds that turn into a drying rack

10. Make an office out of the free space under your stairs.

11. Don’t stack them, hang them.

12. Ice cube tray used as a lipstick holder.

13. Now you don’t need to have that one messy cabinet.

14. A ladder can do so much more than just help you climb stairs.

15. Why not hang your bicycle on your wall?

16. Reading station + bedroom + drawers all in one.

17. Not every house has space for a broom closet.

18. An alternative way to organize your cutlery

19. Magnets to hold your nail-cutting equipment

20. A simple but genius hat organizer

21. Hide whatever bothers you inside a cabinet, but do it with style.

22. A fruit hammock that takes up absolutely no counter space

23. A smart way to keep your ironing supplies nicely organized

24. Even plastic bags deserve some attention.

Have you implemented any of the above hacks in your everyday life? Also, let us know if there are any other tricks that we might have missed.

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