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Why Modern 30-Year-Old Women Look Younger Than They Used To

In the past, a 30-year-old woman used to be considered an adult lady and she looked it! It was easy to tell a 20-year-old woman from a woman who was 10 years older. But today, a young girl can really shock us with her passport that says “30 years old” because today, 30-year-old girls look exactly the same as 20-year-olds. Why is that?

Scientists have proven that “middle age” begins at 35, so if you’re just 30 years old, you are officially a young person. We at Bright Side decided to find out more about the mysteries of age and want to understand why modern women look so different from the women of the past.

They understand age differently.

When today’s 30-year-old girls were growing up, they constantly heard that the age of a woman’s beauty ended at 30. It was the end of entertainment and happiness. But the stereotypes have changed and now we understand that 30 years old is a great age! We don’t worry about these numbers anymore and we feel young which has a positive effect on our appearance.

They have freedom of choice.

In the past, when a woman was only 25 years old, she got rid of bright clothes, short skirts, and other fun clothing because she thought that she was too old to wear them. Now, girls at the age of 30 can still wear bright clothes, torn jeans, dye their hair in any color, have piercings and anything else they want. Such style helps them to look fresh and young.

They have a different attitude toward cosmetics.

While we were growing up (and the author of this article is 30 years old), there were no beauty bloggers, highlighters, and glitters — the choice of cosmetics was really limited. But for the past 15 years, the situation has changed dramatically and the huge amount of cosmetics has changed our attitude toward makeup: today, many women do their makeup every day even if there’s no reason to. This is why modern women look more attractive and bright.

They have a more stable financial situation.

Modern 30-year-old women know a lot about cosmetics and skin care which has a positive impact on their appearance. More than that, at this age, they already have their own stable income, stores offer a wide array of choices, there are gyms everywhere, and confidence allows women to spend money on themselves. As a result, women have a habit of doing sports and taking good care of their appearance with money the previous generations didn’t have.

They use the advanced cosmetology industry.

In the past, our mothers were not able to have cosmetic procedures done as easily. Today we can do it at any age! There are a lot of cosmetologists everywhere, and the prices for these services are not that high. And we’re not only referring to plastic surgery: there are masks, massages, and other ways to take care of yourself and your appearance.

They’ve found their style.

Shopping today is purely for pleasure. For those of us who love spending a lot of time shopping and walking around shops, there are huge malls. And for those who don’t, there are online stores with delivery services. A huge choice of products allows us to experiment and look for our style, to wear original clothes, and combine them in an interesting way. It’s hard to even imagine having clothes 40 years ago when there wasn’t much to choose from.

They have internal harmony and confidence.

Social stereotypes have a huge impact on women’s life goals and past generations could see only one goal: having a family. Few women dreamed of having a career. And there were far fewer opportunities for women in the past. Today, by the age of 30, women already have an education, a career, and more goals to reach in their lives than they used to. And all their self-confidence makes them more attractive.

They are more responsible about their health.

In the past, medicine used to be harder to get access to. Today, it’s really easy to see any doctor on any convenient day — there are a lot of private clinics that provide high-quality medical treatment.

They respect themselves and can stand their ground.

In the past, society used to tell women that it was necessary to respect all other people’s opinions, especially if they were older. So, if anyone who was older than you told you something, you’d likely be ashamed and your self-confidence would be shaken. Today, these social stereotypes are changing, and we know that not all older people are necessarily smarter than us. So we take their opinions more critically. We respect ourselves, our opinions, and our bodies more. This kind of attitude does wonders for our appearance.

They know how important it is to drink enough water.

Just several decades ago, we didn’t even know how important it was to drink pure water. We only drank tea. Now, every adult woman knows that if she didn’t have a habit of drinking water in childhood, it’s very difficult to acquire one at an older age. By the age of 30, it is really important to drink enough water — the skin becomes more hydrated and the body gains enough fluids.

Bonus: How 30-year-old women looked before and how they look now

If you want to know what 30-year-old women used to look like in the 1970s, you can look at Irina Muravyova (on the left). In 1979, during the filming of Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, the actress was 30 years old. In the photo on the right, you can see actress Emma Stone who was born in 1988 and is now 30 years old.

Every age has its own advantages, so you shouldn’t worry about the numbers on your ID. What advantages does your current age have? Tell us in the comment section below.

Illustrated by Mariya Zavolokina for Bright Side
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