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10 Princess Diana Outfits Recreated in “The Crown” That Remind Us Why She Was a True Queen of Style

The Crown series, produced by Netflix, has already made quite a stir on the Internet since its release. Though the series has received some criticism for historical inaccuracies, it managed to win 2 Golden Globe Awards for “Best Television Series” in the drama category, not to mention additional wins for the show’s leading actors.

As we eagerly await the release of seasons 5 and 6, Bright Side invites you to have a look at how masterfully costume designers managed to recreate Princess Diana’s outfits in the series.

Princess Diana sitting outside with Harry (1986) vs Emma Corrin (the actress who played Diana) wearing a similar outfit during her roller-skating tour in Buckingham Palace

The Crown also used the red dress that Diana Spencer was wearing when she attended the premiere of the Bond film, For Your Eyes Only, in 1981.

Of course, Diana’s wedding dress was replicated down to the tiniest of details.

In the series, Prince Charles decides to get to know Diana Spencer after she approached him wearing a pair of yellow overalls. Diana was seen in the same outfit in 1981.

The blue ball gown worn by Princess Diana in Sydney in 1983 made an appearance in The Crown as well.

Another dress worn by Diana during their walkabout in Perth, Australia was masterfully recreated by the costume designers of the series.

Both Princess Diana’s and Prince Charles’ garments from their visit to Ayers Rock in Australia looked quite the same in The Crown.

The tender blue dress which Diana opted for to meet the Australian prime minister looks as good on Emma Corrin as it did on the princess.

Diana’s red striped coat dress that she wore during her visit to Austria in 1986 looks quite similar in The Crown, though it has undergone several amendments.

Not only was Diana’s green dress replicated, but the whole family scene during their tour to New Zealand was recreated by the filmmakers.

Have you watched the series? Which of the characters is shown most accurately in your opinion?

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