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10 Things Movie Makers Keep Ignoring That Hit Us Right Where it Hurts

It seems that the characters of movies and series possess super abilities, even when it’s a flick that talks about the life of office clerks. This is all because the people on-screen almost never sweat and turn red, while the morning of a typical couple starts with happily brushing their teeth together.

We at Bright Side sometimes get astonished when we see things that can’t be real, that’s why we want to tell you about some routine nuances.

They don’t wear hats in movies.

Of course, everyone understands that movie shooting takes place in pavilions and piles of snow might just be computer graphics. But still, the absence of headwear, gloves, and scarves is quite weird if the characters are going through a snow storm in the flick. Viewers have been trying to understand for many years why winter cold in movies is so unrealistic.

Luxury breakfasts that no one eats

The main character comes down to have breakfast with a suit hanging over his shoulder, he quickly bites off a piece of a croissant, takes one swallow of coffee, and leaves. Or he might not eat anything at all and simply be reading a newspaper.

Meanwhile, it looks as if his wife hasn’t slept since 5 AM, so she could get up and cook fried eggs with bacon, fresh toast, sweet breads, and fruit salad for her loved one. But he ignores all these because he seems to have more important things to do. We wonder where does the wife get so much patience?

They brush their teeth without toothpaste.

Scenes where characters brush their teeth oftentimes cause many questions. All because it’s totally unclear how they manage to brush their teeth without any toothpaste. Of course, toothpaste foam flowing down someone’s chin or a messy mirror won’t make the frame better, but the scene where the character enters the bathroom, takes the brush, and immediately puts it in his mouth causes even more questions.

Paper bag without handles

Even if a movie character goes to the grocery store to buy food for the next week, we oftentimes end up seeing one (or rarely 2) paper bags, made from brown paper, without handles, that are so awkward to carry they’ll surely be dropped. Once all the food has scattered, Mr. Charming will enter the scene to help her pick up that box of cereal.

They never wash when showering.

If a person is showering and the water is flowing over them, and they are simply waiting for the end, then you are definitely watching a movie. All because in real life people tend to use soap, shampoo, and shower poufs, while on-screen, they are simply wasting natural resources.

Luxury apartment

No matter how much money the movie/series character has — they could be a waiter, a bank clerk, or a financial analyst — it’s likely that their shelter will at least be nice-looking, well-equipped, and located in a good area. No houses in the suburbs and no old bed linens. They will also probably have a car. If their character gets promoted, the car will be replaced with a more expensive one.

Men’s shirt

In the very romantic moment when the girl put on a man’s shirt, the latter turns out to be large, free, elegantly looking, and cozy. This leads us to the conclusion that men are always larger and stronger than women in movies — they can’t be of the same size. And the main question that remains eternal — why not wear your own clothes?

There is always a mess in a teenager’s room.

It’s no secret that we rarely had perfect order in our rooms when we were teenagers. We rarely have it even today, to be honest. But the mess that moviemakers like to show in flicks is definitely not a common thing. In movies, almost all teenagers (except for A-girls) live this way.

It’s normal to lie on a bed wearing shoes.

We stopped paying attention to the fact that, in moves, they walk around apartments in shoes. But when they lie on a bed or on a couch in the sitting room in boots that they just wore to walk the dog, it seems like too much. Even if the streets in your city are extremely clean, you should still never do this.

The protagonist eats literally everything.

As a rule, men in movies don’t care about their weight. They can be seen eating anything from fast food and to steaks, and they will always have a 6-pack and the body of a Greek god. At the same time, we all remember that when a woman in a movie looks at French fries or a burger, there will be an advisor who will remind her how bad for her body shape this food is.

Do you think reality in movies and series should be sugar-coated and exaggerated?

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