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12 Mistakes in “The Princess Diaries” That We Can Condone Just Because We Love the Saga

It’s been 21 years since The Princess Diaries was released, and when we watch it today, we can’t help but feel nostalgic. It has the power to make us smile and think of happier times. The movie managed to launch Anne Hathaway to fame and made her the most beloved princess of the millennial generation. Not only that, but it also made of Julie Andrews, the most adorable queen and grandmother of them all.

Bright Side’s a big fan of the movie and its sequel. And even if we noticed these mistakes, we still love the saga as much as before.

1. Someone in the shutter

At the beginning of the first movie, you can see a “Mia and Fat Louis” sign, and a pair of hands opening the blinds. However, when they show Mia inside, she’s opening the shutter near the middle section, so you can tell that in the first shot it wasn’t her, but actually someone from production who appeared there.

2. The books

Next, in the frame, there are some books on a shelf to the left. The last in the row is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. However, this title is supposedly first given to her by her grandmother later in the movie. It is the same edition, of course.

3. It seems that someone did not have a good pulse

During Mia’s debate speech at school, the “negative” sign on the podium goes from straight to crooked between takes.

4. The boy band

When Mia goes to see Michael about her “baby,” the band finishes and the lead singer leaves, followed by two girls carrying the equipment. In the next shot, the boy is standing behind where they performed, finishing singing, talking to the same girls.

5. Genovese soup

At the big dinner, the queen tries to show one of the diplomats she invited some pictures, and he shakes his head while eating his green soup. But, a minute later, they serve the green soup as a special dish.

6. The beach performance of Lana, Anna, and Fontana

During the beach party, when Mandy Moore’s character is singing in front of the audience, her friends, who are supposed to be her backup singers, sing along with her, but somehow manage to sing the whole song without moving their mouths.

7. The fan of elegance

In the sequel The Princess Diaries 2, when Grandma continues to give lessons in good behavior to Mia, there is a very funny scene with fans. However, there is also a slight continuity error: the grandmother first shows one side of the fan and in the next shot, without her having turned it on purpose, she shows the other.

8. When Mia chooses a husband

In the scene from the same installment, when Mia and her best friend Lilly are sitting in front of the screen looking at the catalog of possible future husbands, there is another small continuity error. In the first shot, they both have popcorn while discussing which of the gallant princes is the most suitable to become engaged to the future queen of Genovia, and suddenly the popcorn disappears.

9. The lost watch

In the scene when Mia and Lord Nicholas Deveraux hide in a closet to talk “privately”, you can see that he is holding a watch in his left hand, but when the shot focuses on his hand closing the door, you can see that he is not holding anything. These types of mistakes are common when filming the scenes separately.

10. A deliberate mistake, perhaps

When Princess Mia and Andrew are on the seashore, we see Andrew with two cameras: one around his neck and the second over his shoulder. When they run after Princess Mia’s scarf, he is still wearing the cameras. But when they are lying on the sand and Andrew wraps the now-recovered scarf around the princess’s neck, he no longer has the cameras.

11. The citizens

When the queen is listening to the problems of the Genovians, we see a shot of the other citizens waiting in line for their turn to speak to her. The next person speaking is Jacqueline, but we didn’t see her in line earlier.

12. When Asana slips

Already in the bachelorette party-like sleepover scene, we see the risky princess Asana sliding on a mattress down the palace staircase. But again, continuity was not her strong suit: the mattress tag was not there in the first place.

What other mistakes have you noticed in this saga? Do you know any other movies that have mistakes?

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