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13 Netflix Series That’ll Become Your Second Addiction, After Coffee

Netflix is not just a streaming service — starting from 2012, the company started to actively work on creating its own products. You’ve likely already heard about the House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black series. Their fascinating movies and series conquered the hearts of people all over the world and their number of subscribers keeps growing year after year.

We at Bright Side know by our own experience that sometimes finding the perfect series requires a lot of time. That’s why, in order to protect you from the torment of choice, we suggest using our compilation.

The Bonfire of Destiny (2019-present)

A French mini-series that is based on real events. In 1897, a big fire took place at a charity bazaar in Paris. About 126 people died there — most of them were high society women. The story focuses on 3 women whose life turned upside down after this terrible day.

Sick Note (2017 — present)

Daniel, the main character played by Rupert Grint, works in WeCover insurance. He has a typical boring life: he is always late for work, plays with his gaming console in the evenings, and pays little attention to his girlfriend. Everything changes when he finds out that he has cancer. The people surrounding him instantly change their attitude toward Daniel and start to care about him. The young man gets used to having attentive and helpful people around, but suddenly finds out that the doctor made a mistake with his diagnosis.

The Hook Up Plan (2018 — present)

This is another French series that takes place in Paris. The main character, Elsa, suffers from loneliness. She has overcome an enormous amount of betrayal and break-ups and feels completely desperate to find a mate. Elsa’s best friends can’t just calmly watch her experience mental anguish, which is why they decide to look for help...

Caliphate (2020 — present)

This series is for those who like to watch dark Scandinavian series. It’s a story about a national security agent named Fatima. She gets a message that a terrorist act is being prepared against Sweden. The plot is very gloomy. The creators have vividly portrayed radicals and explained where their “wives” and “sisters,” who are ready to do anything for their ideas, come from.

Sweet Magnolias (2020 — present)

The plot is based on a series of Sherryl Woods’ novels. 3 friends have lived together in a small American town since childhood and overcome difficulties and obstacles together. The red-haired Maddie is going through the difficult process of divorce. The career-woman, Helen, has problems with her personal life. It seems that Dana Sue’s life is going perfectly — she owns and runs a restaurant where she works as a chef. But this is just an illusion. The friends decide to start a business together. They build a spa called The Corner Spa where clients can get polished and pampered.

Thieves of the Wood (2018 — present)

The action takes place in the 18th century. Jan de Lichte is the main character who deserted the Austrian army and returned to his native village. Things that Jan saw in his motherland touched his heart deeply and pushed him to start a life as a thief. If you like Robin Hood’s adventures, you’ll definitely like this historical drama.

Deadwind (2018 — 2020)

Detective Sofia Karppi dove headfirst into her work to cope with the terrible grief she was going through. She then gets a strange case: a woman’s body is found in an area that is being prepped for construction in Helsinki, but none of the evidence they found makes any sense. An enthusiastic newbie, Sakari Nurmi, is there to help Karppi. During the investigation, the partners will unravel a tangle of political and business intrigue.

Call My Agent! (2015 — present)

The employees of the well-known agency ASK are well aware that the world of show business is full of high-profile scandals and intrigue. They constantly face various hassles: they have to deal with nosy journalists, capricious actors, and harsh directors. But everything becomes a million times harder when one of the founders dies. The burden of incredible responsibility for the future destiny of the agency falls on the shoulders of the 4 main characters.

Baby (2018-2020)

This Italian series tells about the complicated relationships between teenagers and parents. What is better: to raise a kid in fear and keep them on a tight leash or to give them full freedom? The answer to this question can be found in the story of the schoolgirls Chiara and Ludovica.

Black Spot (2017 — present)

The French-Belgian series takes place in a small town Villefranche. It seems to be isolated from the rest of the world: it has no phone service and is located on the edge of a mysterious forest. The area is full of enigmatic and unsolved crimes, one of which is the case of the mayor’s daughter who vanished 6 months ago. Over the course of the plot, viewers will learn a lot about the inadequacy of the inhabitants of Villefranche.

Into the Night (2020-present)

The sunrise has suddenly stopped being a wonderful natural phenomenon for the characters of this series. Now sunlight is killing everything. In order to run away from the sun, one desperate man hijacks a plane with passengers on board and orders the pilots to fly away from the deadly rays.

Love 101 (2020 — present)

If you want to watch a nice story about love for yourself and others, this Turkish TV series will do the job perfectly. 17-year-old renegade teenagers, who are at risk of expulsion, are at the center of the plot. There is only one teacher who is protecting them from this fate, but after 2 months she gets relocated, which means that the next year the young people will be expelled for sure. That’s when the pupils come up with a plan: they decide to arrange this teacher’s and their new school coach’s personal life, so that she stops planning her relocation.

Locked Up (2015 — 2019)

This is a Spanish TV series about a woman named Macarena who ends up at the Cruz del Sur Prison. The naive and trustful heroine turns out to be completely unprepared for such a harsh life. Her co-prisoners are psychopaths, murderers, and professional thieves. She has to find a common language with them and go through a difficult time in order to get the freedom she desires.

Do you watch Netflix? Which series are your favorite ones?

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