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A Short Film Shows How Society Destroys Our Creativity, and the Message Is Really Eye-Opening

As we grow up and enter the “Real World,” we tend to forget all about the little things that made us happy when we were younger, and as the years pass, society teaches us to suppress the creative spark that makes us special, instead of embracing it. The short animated film Alike highlights how society numbs our creativity, and even though no words are spoken throughout the entire 7-minute film, the message is loud and clear.

We at Bright Side were touched by the message brought by this award-winning short film, and we wanted to show you what happens when kids are taught to suppress their creativity, instead of learning to embrace it.

By using different colors, the creators of this movie highlight people’s feelings and show us how modern society affects the quality of our lives. Basically, the paler a person becomes, the less happy they are, much like how we feel and interpret emotions in real life.

This short film also shows how people can change their colors, and change their lives for the better by spending more time on the little things that bring happiness and joy, rather than just working hard to appease the standard set by modern-day societies.

In the short film, whenever the kid tries to get in touch with his creative side, he’s reminded that he shouldn’t pay much attention to his creativity and only follow the rules set by society. Sadly, that is how most creative thinkers are treated in this world, and those who end up following their dreams are considered the odd ones out.

And just like most fathers, the father portrayed in this short film tries to teach his son the true value of life. Even though the father tries to teach his son the right way of living, he is the one that ends up learning a valuable lesson about life.

The storyline of Alike tries to point out that following the rules and the path laid out by society doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Even though rules are meant to be followed, we shouldn’t forget to make room for other things that bring joy to our lives.

What most of us fail to realize is that embracing the quirky, weird things that make us who we are is important. So is following our passion, not giving up on our dreams, and doing more of what we love.

Inspired by their own fatherhood experience, the directors of this film, Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez, decided to embark on a 4-year-long journey of hard work in order to create this 7-minute animated film. Their goal was to show that even though we always want what’s best for our children, we sometimes make mistakes.

Through this short animated film, they want to tell us that instead of teaching kids to suppress their creativity, we should encourage them to embrace their unique quirks, and allow them to create their own journey in life.

What do you think of the lesson that this short film is trying to teach us? Do you agree that society is gradually killing our creativity? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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