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A Short Film Shows That a Helping Hand Has the Power to Change the World, in Less Than 3 Minutes

In life, even the smallest good deeds can change someone’s life for the better. However, we never know where life will take us after we’ve had our fair share of difficult paths, problems, and even successes. Maybe we will forget how important is to do good and we will end up like the man in Mr. Indifferent — not caring about others. This short film might change the way we look at other people and help us understand that it’s never too late to become better and help other people.

Bright Side finds this film very touching and significant, and we decided to highlight the moments that turned this man into something better.

One small act can change the way we see the world.

In under 3 minutes, this film gave us more then we hoped. It represents a man who lives a selfish life and ignores others. Even in the first scene, he doesn’t stop the doors of the elevator so that a woman can reach it in time. He ignores a balloon that escaped from a little girl when he could’ve saved it by taking his hand out from his pocket.

However, everything changes as he stands on the sidewalk and waits for a green light to cross the street. An elderly woman grabs one of his hands so that she can get help to also safely cross the street. Well, a few seconds later, we see that if he wasn’t there for that lady, she would’ve probably had an accident, and the grumpy man also had his eyes opened for the first time.

He finally understands that if he takes his hands out of his pockets and starts using them for something better, not only it will feel good, but he will be able to make other people smile. From that moment on he becomes a new man.

However, the most significant moment of his good deeds is when he noticed a man on the same sidewalk. This man reminded him of how he used to be, always minding his own business, with his hands tucked inside the pockets. This time he decided to change his life too and even pretended to be a blind man just to recreate the encounter he had with the elderly woman.

You can enjoy the Mr. Indifferent video now

Everyone got a meaningful message out of it.

What do you think of this movie? Maybe the elderly woman saw herself in him and wanted to help?

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