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What Would Popular Movies Be Like If They Were Retold by Other Characters

Sometimes movies have characters that viewers like more than the main ones. In addition, oftentimes, movies don’t show the events that people would like to see. Occasionally, fans get sequels that answer unanswered questions and complement the original film, but this doesn’t always happen. Internet users pondered upon what it would be like for familiar movies to be retold from another character’s perspective.

We at Bright Side believe that many of these movies could conquer the hearts of people from all over the world.

  • Toy Story. Andy, a young boy who enjoys playing with his toys in his spare time, often wanders into his room to find things Something may have moved, a toy may have vanished only to reappear the next day, voices are heard from his room from the ground floor, only to hear a slight panic then silence whenever he approaches the room again. And imagine, one day, he hears this talking once again as he walks into his room, then hears the split second SHOCK to silence, just to see his favorite cowboy toy laying on the floor. Only this time, just before he sees the toy, he could see out of the corner of his eye, Woody’s left hand just slightly flop to the ground. Flop to the ground as if he had just fallen. He begins to think that he is never truly alone in his room anymore and that those beady toy eyes that face him in the night while he’s sleeping aren’t just facing him by chance.© dannethdevito

  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory from the point of view of an Oompa-Loompa who is working to ignite a slave rebellion amongst his people. © humaniswear

  • It’s a Wonderful Life from Mary’s (the wife’s) point of view. Married to a dreamer with fits of depression, while raising 4 kids, rebuilding a beautiful old Victorian house, helping him make his passion for helping his community come true, and trying to protect him from his loser uncle, all while watching him spiral into a deeper and deeper depression. Will she be able to help him out of it? © cingalls

  • The Matrix from Agent Smith’s point of view. Constantly trying to quell the stupid human insurrection. © GRZMNKY

  • I was going to say The Matrix from Morpheus’ point of view. The prequel is how he learns about The One and getting his band of folks to find Neo. © hdmx539

  • The Matrix but from the perspective of a regular police detective trying to stop the murder spree of these crazy people who kill everybody without reason. At one point he would interrogate Neo:

    “So you believe that nothing is real? That’s why you can kill random people? Because they don’t exist?”

    “No. The world is fake but the people are real.”

    “And you kill them anyway?” © inckalt
  • Star Wars from the empire’s point of view: basically telling the story about this terrorist group that was planning the biggest act of terrorism in the galaxies history: the destruction of a military peacekeeping star base. We follow the empire’s anti-terrorism unit as they try to find the spies transporting the stolen plans and head off the attack. © robotlasagna
  • Forrest Gump from Jenny’s perspective. It would probably be such a sweet portrayal of Forrest’s pure love to her in contrast to all the other bad things she has to go through, and we will get a good inner dialogue for how she finds it difficult to respond to that emotion for most of her life. © Agleimielga
  • Lord of the Rings trilogy from Sauron’s perspective.

    — Your order has been dispatched. (Unfortunately, it is delayed due to being misplaced in transit);

    — Your order is out for delivery. (Please be home in between the hours of November and January to sign for your package);

    — Your delivery has been placed in a safe place. (Despite being home, I did not hear the bell, and Oh no! It’s been tossed over the back wall and ended up in my pond!). © uk_com_arch
  • The Twilight Saga, from Bella’s father’s view. Supernatural creatures seem to be lusting for this man’s daughter, as he tries to research everything he can, keep it a secret from his daughter, who’s obviously under the sway of supernatural influence and therefore cannot be trusted. He collects evidence, tries to find support from important people and scientists, all while unearthing an ever deeper and more terrifying secret society of actual blood-drinking vampires that controls the world. © HiMyNameIs_REDACTED_
  • O-Ren Ishii (Cottonmouth) from Kill Bill. The anime scene about her background story was great but too short. One of the most interesting side characters. © f5en

  • I just reread Hunger Games and Peeta, Haymitch, Finnick, or Cinna’s perspectives would be fun. Katniss is very inside herself and the movies are better at unfolding the situation than the books. © Allredditorsarewomen

  • For How to Train Your Dragon, I would love a movie on just Toothless. His life before meeting Hiccup, and far after the short of them going back to New Berk. © matrixsensei

  • The story of Harry Potter from Draco Malfoy’s perspective. What’s it like growing up in a household where your parents (or at least your dad) are death eaters, how was Snape really as the head of the house, how is it to be in a house that’s pretty much universally hated by the rest of the school and most importantly how he is slowly drawn into the war, having to kill Dumbledore, having Voldemort living with him, in Hogwarts during the seventh year. I think it could be a pretty interesting story. © VeryConfusedOwl

  • Harry Potter series from Hermione’s perspective. Ron too I guess. Would be nice to alternate between them (like Game of Thrones series does) at least books 4-7. You know they kinda like each other, but you aren’t really sure. Getting both points of view and knowing they like each other would be fantastic suspense. © Amyjane1203

  • The story of how Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory got into bed and then decided to just stay there. Explain yourself! © booffershoess

  • I’ll say Robin Hood from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s perspective. It’d be great to watch a movie about a medieval cop trying to catch a highwayman. © gallo48

  • Ever since Disney gave us the Maleficent movies, I’ve been dying for more villain origin stories. I think in particular I’d love to see Gaston. I have to know what circumstances led to this dude being a massive jerk. © enho224

  • Probably Back to the Future. Doc’s perspective would be amazing to see. It might be a bit confusing, though, with the time thing. © RexySurf

  • Spirited Away but from Haku’s point of view. It’d probably open with the sad loss of his home and identity, but with the choice to help a child he has a vague memory of a plot to steal an artifact from a powerful witch while helping run a magical bathhouse. © Nikibugs

  • Misery... from the perspective of Annie Wilkes. I’d love to see her horrifying backstory. © oyofmidmidworld

  • Pulp Fiction from Marsellus Wallace’s point of view. We find out what’s in the briefcase. How the deal went bad. Why he was betting on Butch. © mapbc

What movie and from which character’s point of view would you like to see?

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