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10 Celebrities Who Always Find a Way to Make Our World a Better Place

Having fame and money does not necessarily lead to being greedy as we’re used to thinking. A lot of celebrities are actually involved in great charities, and they not only provide financial support to those in need, but they are also very passionate about the causes.

Bright Side prepared a list of celebrities who make sure to always give back to the world around them and help those in need. Our hearts feel warm after finding out how much they’ve done despite their busy schedules.

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is known to be one of the nicest celebrities — a lot of people who’ve met him have nothing but good things to say about him. Recently, the actor was reported to have donated 70% of his earnings from The Matrix Resurrections to cancer research. Moreover, in 2009, the actor said that he has founded a private foundation that helps fund cancer research, but he doesn’t like attaching his name to it.

2. Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith became an environmental activist at the young age of 11. He is now 23 years old and founded the water company, Just Water, which uses plant-based packages so it doesn’t cause unnecessary plastic pollution. He also installed water filtration systems in low-income neighborhoods.

3. Angelina Jolie

A lot of people know that Angelina Jolie is not only talented and beautiful, but she is also a humanitarian. She has done a lot to make the world a better place: recently, she has been involved in a project that is aimed at creating more opportunities for women to be beekeepers. This campaign helps both save the bees and create more jobs for female employees.

4. Alicia Keys

In 2003, Alicia Keys co-founded an organization called Keep a Child Alive, which helps to provide treatment for children affected by HIV and AIDS. The organization’s website states that its goal is to help people reach their full potential and live long lives.

5. Elton John

Founded by the singer himself, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has a mission to end the AIDS crisis by 2030 so that no more people die from this disease. The foundation was established in 1992 and since then has become one of the leading organizations that fights to prevent AIDS.

In November 2021, Elton John was made a member of the Order of the Companions of Honour for his service to music and charity, as pictured above. The singer said that this honor is just a “reminder that there’s a lot more to do — more for music, more for charity.”

6. Viola Davis

Viola Davis is fighting to prevent child hunger by being involved in 2 major organizations: Hunger Is and No Kid Hungry. She has a personal history attached to this problem, as she “still remembers” that suffering from child hunger has a lot of stigma around it and brings a lot of shame. The actress said that not knowing when the next meal will come is a scary thing, so she doesn’t want any more families to go through this feeling.

7. Dolly Parton

In 1988, Dolly Parton founded the Dollywood Foundation, an organization that has the goal of motivating high school students to achieve academic success by offering them scholarships. Originally existing only in the USA, Dollywood grew and opened in the UK, Canada, and Australia. Today, the foundation is still going strong and is working to improve the quality of life of children and other people in need.

8. Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is now 84 years old and has a long history of activism. For many decades, she has worked to support various causes, such as women’s rights and war prevention. Recently, the actress has been involved in environmental activism, and her goal is to provide a platform for marginalized groups as well as educate people about environmental issues, homophobia, racism, and sexism.

9. Constance Wu

Constance Wu believes in the importance of speaking up about any kind of injustice and has been doing it for years. She is involved with the organization, Miry’s List, which helps to support newly arrived refugees and immigrants. Wu says she became involved with this foundation because she believes that people who immigrate are searching for peace and safety, something everyone deserves.

10. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria’s elder sister’s own journey inspired the actress to establish the organization, Eva’s Heroes, which supports people with intellectual special needs. The organization says that its mission is to “enrich the lives” of individuals like Longoria’s older sister, who she is “blessed to have.” The organization is making a big change, as nearly 2,000 people are involved in the program they provide!

Do you support any charities?

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