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11 Men That Prove Your ’50s Can Really Be Your New ’20s

People often think that getting older can limit them when doing things they have always dreamed of; however, maturity does not impede them. Even in industries like fashion, where physique and youth seem so important, it’s been proven repeatedly that beauty knows no age and that sometimes, you can look and feel even better as you age.

1. Philippe Dumas, the 68-year-old French heartthrob.

The Frenchman has conquered the fashion industry thanks to his belief that style is often more important than beauty. According to Philippe, he had always been complimented on how good he looked, so at age 60, he decided to take them at their word and pursue a modeling career. Fortunately, he was welcomed with open arms and is now the face of a famous perfume, jewelry, and clothing brands.

2. At 62, Nickelson Wooster is still a trendsetter.

Nick has worked in the fashion industry since he was 16. He’s always been passionate about clothing, so he worked in a clothing store when he was a teenager. He later graduated from college with a degree in journalism and advertising; however, he designed and sold clothing for major brands like Calvin Klein until he founded his own fashion consulting firm. Today, he is a trendsetter that keeps taking the Internet by surprise with his style and appeal.

3. Ron Jack Foley shows that gray hair can be the best accessory after 50.

This Canadian gentleman in his ’50s has achieved great popularity thanks to his sculpted figure, long hair, and perfectly styled silver beard. Ron is a bodybuilder, actor, and model who has appeared in multiple campaigns over the past few years and seems to have a natural gift for looking great in photos.

4. Andreas von Tempelhoff is proof that style is ageless.

Wrinkles and gray hair don’t look bad and can even make you more attractive, and here’s proof. German model Andreas is on the talent roster of prestigious European agencies, taking his passion further and taking up photography as well.

5. Eric Rutherford continues to test his boundaries at 55.

Eric is a model and actor who has also become a social media icon thanks to his ideology of living a full life and losing the fear of aging. The 55-year-old American assures that dreams can be fulfilled at any age, and that maturity taught him to make the most of time and enjoy every moment. He is also very active on social media and even has his own podcast.

6. Paul Mason is the most stylish Santa Claus at 58.

His stage name is Fashion Santa, due to his long white beard, but the most relevant thing is that he reached the pinnacle of his career in middle age and after living through a personal tragedy. Paul dabbled in the fashion industry when he was 20 years old and made some important breakthroughs; however, in 2008, his life changed completely.

He was forced to return to his native Canada to care for his cancer-stricken mother until 2013, when she sadly passed away. After that, he was so sad he stopped shaving. Several months later, he decided that his new look suited him and managed to promote the idea of a modern and stylish Santa Claus. Soon after, shopping malls began to seek him out to offer him work, and today he is a celebrity.

7. Irvine Randle is a 61-year-old professor who surprised the whole Internet with his looks.

Irvin is a professor and grandfather from Texas who didn’t expect to go viral. This American has always enjoyed dressing stylishly and following trends. Thanks to his sense of fashion, he caught the eye of some people online, who reposted his photos. He became famous in record time and currently has his own line of shoes and modeling menswear brands on his social media profiles.

8. Chuando Tan seems to have discovered the secret of eternal youth.

The Singaporean model and photographer has worked for some internationally prestigious companies such as Levis, L’Oréal, and Louis Vuitton. However, Chuando achieved great popularity thanks to his own photos posted on Instagram, but mainly because it is hard to believe that this man is 56 years old. His youthful face and muscular physique have earned him more than a million followers. He now owns a modeling agency.

9. Shan Michael Hefley motivates fans at age 59.

Shan is a fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast who has strived to prove that age is nothing more than a number and that you can be in better shape after 50 than you were in your youth. The messages of growth and self-improvement he shares have inspired thousands of people and made him a star on social media. He was chosen to promote personal care products.

10. Anton Nilsson works with top modeling agencies.

The 56-year-old Swedish model has been in the industry for over two decades and admits that staying active is the key to his well-groomed appearance. The silver-haired hunk keeps in shape for his work, but also enjoys playing tennis, biking, or walking in nature to avoid premature aging.

11. Mark Reay was homeless and was able to get his life back on track after 50.

This 63-year-old man is the perfect example that sometimes appearances can be deceiving. After losing all his savings to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer in Europe, he returned to the United States and lived for several years without a home, staying in a friend’s attic. Although he continued to work as a model, it took him time to rent an apartment again. In 2014, he decided to tell his story in the documentary Homme Less, and today, he works in photography and modeling.

Do you consider that some things become inappropriate with age, or, on the contrary, do you think age should not influence our decisions?

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