14 Male Celebs That Showed Us Makeup Is “One Size Fits All”

“Makeup is a one size fits all,” says influencer PatrickStarrr. While for a long time, makeup was seen as something just for girls, the world is quickly changing its tune. Makeup is now used across all genders as a form of self-expression and art — and that’s exactly what these male celebrities are doing.

We at Bright Side believe in diversity and the freedom to express yourself no matter what others think, and for that reason, we gathered 14 celebrity men showcasing fabulous makeup looks.

1. Boy George

2. Billy Porter

3. Adam Lambert

4. Cody Fern

5. Ansel Elgort

6. Ezra Miller

7. Billie Joe Armstrong

8. Marc Jacobs

9. Darren Criss

10. Troye Sivan

11. Johnny Depp

12. Bretman Rock

13. Jared Leto

14. Conan Gray

Which look is your favorite? Do you agree that makeup is for everyone?

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