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15 Celebrities Whose Unusual Features Made Them Unique

Being constantly exposed to the eyes of millions of fans, celebrities are at risk of being perceived as flawless icons. However, nothing is perfect. It’s these imperfections that make humans truly beautiful — and celebrities are no exception.

We at Bright Side adore the bravery of celebrities who are not afraid to be imperfect, and we want to share their stories with our readers.

1. Christina Perri’s crooked teeth

2. Kate Bosworth has heterochromia, a condition that gave her eyes more than one color

3. Seal, the British singer and songwriter, has discoid lupus, a disease that caused scars on his face.

4. Barbie Ferreira is not ashamed to embrace her stretch marks.

5. Matthew Perry’s middle finger is shorter because he shut a door on his hand when he was 3 years old.

6. A facial scar that Joaquin Phoenix was born with definitely makes this actor a little more charming.

7. Jennifer Garner’s genetic condition makes her toes overlap.

8. Vitiligo, a rare skin condition, didn’t prevent Winnie Harlow from becoming a super famous model.

9. Gemma Arterton was born with 2 extra fingers that had no bones. They were removed, but she still has small bulges.

10. Ashton Kutcher was born with webbed toes.

11. Angelina Jolie doesn’t let her knobbly knees prevent her from wearing stunning dresses on the red carpet.

12. Gigi Hadid has a scatter of moles on her body.

13. Tyler Posey has an uneven jaw due to the way his teeth have developed.

14. Vanessa Paradis has a charming tooth gap.

15. The finger Denzel Washington broke playing basketball was never properly set.

Did you know about these unusual celebrity features? Which one was the most impressive to you?

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