30+ Rare Celebrity Photos That Are Filled With Warmth and Sweet Nostalgia

4 years ago

No celebrity can do without a bunch of photographs from red carpet events and magazine covers, where they appear in all their glory. But every famous person has another side of their life that remains hidden from paparazzi and fans. Rock musicians, IT girls, and actors from popular TV shows also keep photos that warm up their hearts in dusty photo albums.

We at Bright Side enjoyed looking through celebrities’ photo archives and felt like we’ve become a bit closer to the idols of millions of people. Today, in our compilation, you’ll find photos that captured singers, actors, directors, and other successful people in a way that makes them look just like us.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger with his son, Patrick, and Clint Eastwood with his daughter, Francesca, 1993

2. Shakira in 1990

3. Kim Kardashian with her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, the 1980s

4. Leonard Nimoy with his son on the set of Star Trek, the 1960s

5. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, 2001

6. Elon Musk with his brother and mother, 1992

7. Victoria Beckham as a child, the 1970s

8. Eminem celebrates his 18th birthday, 1990

9. Courteney Cox on a motorcycle, 1987

10. The film crew of Pulp Fiction, 1993

11. Cameron Diaz as a cheerleader, 1988

12. Freddie Mercury in 1990

13. Madonna and Jean-Paul Gaultier, the 1990s

14. Ozzy Osbourne in 1975

15. Angelina Jolie in 1990

16. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on the set of Mickey Mouse Club, 1994

17. Ariana Grande in childhood, the 1990s

18. Kendall and Kylie Jenner at school, the 2000s

19. Nicole Kidman with her daughter Faith, 2010

20. The film crew of Friends, 2004

21. Enrique Iglesias (on the left) with his brother Julio and with his friends, the 1980s

22. Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, 2008

23. Jessica Biel in one of her first photoshoots, the 1990s

24. Selena Gomez prepares to celebrate Halloween, 2000

25. Matthew McConaughey in childhood, 1969

26. Reese Witherspoon, the 1990s

27. Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow, the 1990s

28. Chris Hemsworth with his mom, the 1980s

29. Eva Mendes celebrates Christmas, the 1990s

30. Justin Bieber, the 2000s

31. Jennifer Aniston with her father, the 1970s

Which celebrities would you not recognize if the captions weren’t there to help you?

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I honestly don't even recognize any of the Jenners or Kardashians


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