15 Photos That Show What Our Genes Are Capable Of

Turns out that, at times, human bodies feel so lazy that they end up giving birth to their exact mini-copies. People on the internet are sharing how similar they look to their family members and the resemblance is super uncanny.

These striking comparisons have us, at Bright Side, intrigued and we have collected the best of them below for our readers.

1. “I always knew my brother looked like our dad, but I didn’t realize he was a duplicate until now.”

2. “My son and I have matching freckles in the same spot.”

3. “My mom holding me (1989) vs Me holding my son (2017)”

4. My 3rd-grade picture and my grandfather at the same age

5. “My dad holding his niece, Mariam, in 2001 vs Me holding my niece, also named Mariam, in 2020”

6. “Great-granddaughter (2021) & great grandmother (1920), both in their early 20s.”

7. “My father and I at the same age, 30 years apart”

8. “My dad’s laugh (1980s) vs mine (2018)”

9. “I think it’s fun to look at my dad at 12 vs Me at 12.”

10. “My dad, on the right — 1980s vs Me, on the left — 2015”

11. Me and my mom, she’s 54, I’m 25.

12. “Left side: my son at 9 months in 2018, Right side: me at 9 months in 1989.”

13. “I look exactly like my grandfather when he was my age.”

14. “Me at 27 years old VS My mom at 27 years old”

15. “Me vs. My mom’s yearbook photo (1977).”

Who do you resemble more — your mom or dad? We’d love to see the comparisons in the comments!

Preview photo credit abernathyabe / Reddit
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