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15 Pics That Will Motivate You to Keep Your Chin Up No Matter What Life Puts on Your Plate

Difficulties that enter our lives are oftentimes unavoidable. Psychologists suggest that accepting unpleasant circumstances is much more peaceful than getting aggravated by them. Facing health issues, bullying, or losing a loved one may force us to lose hope. However, if we try to accept the changes, just like the people in this article did, it will be easier to get through them.

We at Bright Side made a compilation of people who didn’t give up and accepted the difficulties they faced even when it seemed like there was no way out. And we believe that these examples will motivate you to stay strong as well.

1. This time 4 years ago I was losing my sixth baby. But I refused to give up. This is me meeting my daughter, my lucky number 7, for the first time.

2. “Never thought I’d ever be a spartan. Whoever needs to hear this, never give up on yourself! Stay focused and your hard work will bless you!”

3. This guy doesn’t give up on his hobby because of his physical limitations.

“It’s been about 4 years since I gave up floorball due to illness in my feet. This weekend I played again for the first time as a double amputee. I even used my own personalized wheelchair!”

4. “I’ve gone from a craniotomy to American Ninja Warrior in the span of a year.”

A craniotomy is a skull surgery that exposes the brain.

5. “I’ve been teased my whole life about being fat, kids even came up with riddles. I loved myself then and I love myself now, 115 pounds down.”

6. “After a relationship where my ex said my artistic talent wasn’t good and I didn’t draw for years, I’ve finally finished my first complete piece ever. I even signed it!”

7. A girl got a master’s degree in space science after her counselor told her she wasn’t smart enough to earn it.

“At 16, my guidance counselor told me I wasn’t good enough at math to go into the space field. I have just received my undergraduate diploma in applied mathematics, and in 2 weeks I start working on my master’s in space sciences and engineering. Follow your gut and do the thing!”

8. The “victory door” that features this girl’s weight loss journey

“I’ve been feeling depressed lately, so I decided to make a victory door, featuring my weight loss journey pictures. I started at 375 lb (top photos) and am now at 270 lb (bottom photos). I can’t stop smiling.”

9. I overcame severe depression and anxiety, beat an eating disorder, got out of a toxic 6-year relationship, and still managed to graduate a year early!"

10. “Growing up, I was heavily bullied for the moles on my face, my voice, and my stutter. After 23 years, I’ve finally learned to love all those parts of me.”

11. “Pushing 100 lb! I’m paralyzed and a BKA! What an awesome feeling!”

BKA stands for below-knee amputation.

12. “Keep going because anything is possible.”

“For years I was unhappy, unhealthy, and had given up all hope of further education after dropping out of college. Here I am a few years later: happy, healthy, and just started at a new university a month ago!”

13. “For the first time in my life, I actually managed to change my diet, exercise regularly, and lose 30 pounds. I finally smile when I look in the mirror.”

14. “These parents did not give up on their baby after doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk.”

“The year was 1986. I’m the baby. Doctors told my parents I’d never walk. They didn’t listen and demanded a tenth opinion. That tenth doctor put leg braces on me and I took my first steps the day after this picture was taken.”

15. “I beat bulimia and lost 75 lb in the process! I also became a personal trainer. And it’s been less than a year!”

Was there ever a time you didn’t give up on something even though it wasn’t easy? Tell us in the comments below.

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