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16 Pictures With More Than Just a Story Behind Them

Pictures are an excellent way to capture and preserve important moments in life. They might not always look amazing in terms of aesthetics at first glance, but that doesn’t really matter anymore when you know the story behind the image. Then, suddenly, the picture becomes a priceless treasure full of emotions that can move even the most well-balanced person in the world.

And to prove this, Bright Side wants to share some of the images with you that were shared by others on social media and that won us over because of the powerful story behind them.

1. “Today is my Granny’s 100th birthday! Happy birthday to the best grandmother a guy could have.”

2. “The restaurant I work for is closing until further notice. My manager gave me a gift.”

3. “Went back to college last week. It’s been 13 years and I am starting from square one. Here goes nothing!”

4. “I’m a UPS driver and I cried when I opened up our son’s letter to Santa.”

“Dear Santa,

I would really like to spend more time with my dad, so I would really love, and apreceat it if you could help him get off work early because he is a UPS worker and peopel are ordering so many presents, so I would love it if you could help him in any way.



5. “My little girl wasn’t supposed to make it into her teenage years. This year she will be graduating!”

6. “Me and my daughters, 25 years ago”

7. “Not much but I bought my first couch for my first place and I’m super happy with it.”

8. “Proposed to the love of my life at the spot where we had our first date.”

9. “My 92-year-old dad asked me to look for a socket wrench he lost under a cabinet base... in 1977.”

10. “This is the last photo I have of my cat before he passed away. I’m so happy I have it.”

11. “When we bought our house we cut down a large gnarly holly tree. My new neighbor, a woodturner, asked me for the wood in exchange for something cool he would make from some of it. Here is that holly vase with Lichtenberg patterns.”

12. “Baked a cake to celebrate my nephew’s LAST chemo treatment, 4 years after he got leukemia at age 7!”

“No more chemo!”

13. “Sold my first prints. Just wanted to share. One love.”

14. “My nephew getting airlifted to emergency surgery being the coolest copilot you’ve ever seen.”

“I think everything is going to be ok. He’s been an absolute trooper.” © Revenge_of_the_Khaki

15. “Proud moment, wife wanted our backsplash tiled. My first ever time doing tile work.”

16. “I built this ‘86 Raleigh from the frame up. I’m proud of myself for the first time in a long time!”

If you also have a picture with a great backstory, share it with us, it will be a pleasure to know what’s behind it and why it’s so important to you. If you want, and we have enough good pictures, we might even make a new compilation and add yours there.

Preview photo credit Revenge_of_the_Khaki / Reddit
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