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20 Cozy Photos That’ll Keep You Warm When It’s Freezing Outside

It feels magical in the wintertime when you can cuddle with relatives and pets while it’s snowing outside. And going to the post office with kids to send a letter to Santa Claus and help make a wish come true for the next year is delightful. All these cozy moments make us feel fulfilled and grateful for our life.

We at Bright Side wish you a happy winter and we’ve found some warm photos that can make your day even better.

1. “Postman Morris has made sure our son’s letter gets to Santa for years.”

2. Enemies by day, bros by night...

3. Fluffy dog bed for kitten

4. “I taught my dog to pose and now he is photobombing all my attempts to take a pic.”

5. Just count to 3.

6. “A lot can change in 22 years. Some things never do.”

7. “Sometimes you cuddle when you can.”

8. “My grandfather built me a rocking horse 20 years ago, but it got lost through the years, so now he’s built one for my son.”

9. “I’ve just opened up a fresh jar of cat.”

10. “My daughter went sledding for her first time ever and she had an absolute BLAST!”

11. “Corg butt, toe beans, and look at his sploot!”

12. “Feliz Navidad!”

13. When there is too much love to have private space.

14. “Sometimes you just need to cuddle your bear and go to sleep.”

15. There are so many versions of a comfortable position.

16. Christmas family trips can be fun.

17. “Oliver fell asleep while begging.”

18. “We’ve decorated my prosthetics to match the Christmas feeling we have.”

19. “Cute little Santa couple takes a walk each morning in my neighborhood.”

20. “You’re never too old for Santa.”

What are your favorite cozy moments during Christmas time? Please, share the photos where you feel happy with us!

Preview photo credit lilpaulie / reddit
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