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20 Men Whose Hair Can Make Any Woman Cry With Envy

Long hair for men is a hairstyle trend that seems to always be in fashion. From Keanu Reeves’ casual bro flow to Jason Momoa’s majestic mane, it seems that the community of long-haired men continues to rapidly grow.

We at Bright Side think men with long hair look irresistible. And here are 20 guys whose hair is so gorgeous we can’t help but be a little bit jealous of it.

1. “The kind of hair that would be a shame to not grow out.”

2. “Just living on the wild side of life.”

3. “Long hair make me look like the cooler version of Billy from Stranger Things.”

4. “Wedding flow. Not mine. The wedding that is. The flow, indeed, mine.”

5. “Messy bun”

6. “Embracing my natural curls.”

7. “No, I never wear a shirt.”

8. “Was I daydreaming again?”

9. “15 years and 8 months for my locks”

10. “Showing off the new length of my curls.”

11. “Shampoo companies sent commercial filming crews to my location.”

12. “Every day I look more like Tarzan.”

13. “Grungy look and the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle”

14. “Golden hour works particularly well with long hair.”

15. “Trying to make long curls look effortless.”

16. “Sporting a longer hairstyle.”

17. “Here to reclaim the throne.”

18. “A little less then 3 years of growing!”

19. “4+ years”

20. “Love being a lion.”

Do you think men with long hair look attractive?

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