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20 People Who Broke Free From Their Comfort Zones and Won

You can dream forever about the perfect person you want to become, but dreaming isn’t always the best possible solution. This means that you need to make a serious decision and go for it. One of the people featured in this article was bullied at school for not having an attractive body, but today, she’s a part-time model.

Motivating our readers to achieve their goals will always be Bright Side’s mission, so here’s an article that will probably serve as a great kick-start for you. The following 20 people have also shared how they started their astonishing journey.

1. “From being picked on at school for being ugly to part-time model”

2. It’s just a step from what you are and what you want to be.

3. You need to take a step forward and you’ll be the self you always wanted to be.

4. “Little over a year, and still losing!”

5. “From 2017 to now — I now feel somewhat comfortable in my own skin.”

6. Self-comfort is what you need.

7. “10 months apart; same hat, new man”

8. “Finally I am the best version of myself.”

9. “Took me a while to learn how to smile.”

10. “A lot can change in a few years.”

11. “Today, I completed 90 days of the Whole 30 diet (4/20-7/18), some CICO, and tons of exercise.”

12. “Stopped eating junk food and started to lift instead.”

13. “I’d like to say working out and getting tattoos has helped my confidence a ton.”

14. “My husband and I have had quite the glow-up over the years.”

15. “Lost the glasses, learned how to do makeup, and gained a ton of confidence!”

16. “Never really took care of my health nor my looks. Thankful for the gym, healthy eating, and some good makeup.”

17. “When I was 15 to when I was 18 — over 100 lb lost later!”

18. “2.5 years of hurt, from ’What am I doing with my life?’ to ’What can’t I do in this life?’”

19. From an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan

20. “I became a man.”

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