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20 People Who Look So Much Like Celebrities That You Cannot Tell the Difference

We might want to be unique in this world, but it actually happens sometimes that you’re walking down the street or at the supermarket and you suddenly find someone that looks very similar to you. In the case of celebrities, a lot of people try to imitate their looks, so it’s more common to see resemblances in their world. But at other times, celebrity doppelgängers look and act like celebrities without even trying.

So Bright Side looked into these uncanny resemblances and compiled a bunch of pictures of common people who share physical traits with celebrities. Look closely at them and see if you can spot the differences... You might be surprised at how hard it is in most cases.

1. Kate Moss

2. Michael Fassbender

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Andrew Lincoln

5. Blake Lively

6. Robbie Williams

7. Shakira

8. Colin Farrell

9. Bryan Cranston

10. Emma Watson

11. Kit Harington

12. Bruce Willis

13. Selena Gomez

14. Ed Sheeran

15. Maisie Williams

16. Britney Spears

17. James Franco

18. Gal Gadot

19. Álvaro Morte

20. Rihanna

According to you, which of these people look more like their respective celebrity? Do you know anyone who looks like a celebrity? Let us know in the comments and post a picture of them if you can!