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20 People Who Prove You Are Never Too Old to Reinvent Yourself

As you get older, you might think it’s too late to try to lose weight. And it’s true that, with age, your metabolism can become slower and the change in your hormones can make you gain fat faster. However, this shouldn’t keep you from trying to get healthier, no matter how old you are. Because it definitely didn’t stop 20 Reddit users in their 40s, 50s, or even late 60s, from turning their life around!

We at Bright Side are in awe of these strong-willed people who set a goal and followed through with it. So let’s admire their glowing transformations!

1. “Halfway to my goal weight, and feeling much better!”

2. “From morbid obesity to fit.”

3. “IN THE BAG! Hit my goal a month ago (took 11 months), maintenance is going great.”

4. “(over 8 years) My 27 y.o. daughter left these jeans at home and today her 49 y.o. mom decided to try them on! I think they worked out!”

5. “My grandfather decided to lose weight at 60 years old.”

6. “My friend’s mom did an amazing job.”

7. “My dad was near death and had given up on life. He decided to take one more crack at it and follow his doctor’s suggestion.”

Eat to live program, walking every day, and gym 5 days a week. Some things are irreversible, but he’s regained his will to live.

8. “Mom did Weight Watchers and I did Keto/IF, plus gym 6 days a week. I lost 105 and she lost 120.”

9. “Started working out, eating right, and picked up a few new tattoos. I’m liking being 58 — and hitting the gym.”

10. “It wasn’t easy by any stretch, but it’s never too late to change.”

11. “63 years old and I have never felt better!”

12. “I’m so proud of my mother-in-law! Today is her one year anniversary of starting her healthy lifestyle!”

13. “Size 20, to size 10. 15 months on Keto and I’ve never felt better! ”

14. “Never thought I’d ever get to wear anything like this!”

15. “I am living proof that even old folks can turn their lives around. ”

16. “First pic taken at age 51 1/2 shocked me into better habits, second pic taken today before my morning walk. Gained a bunch of muscle.”

17. “3 years and maintaining.”

18. 3.5 year transformation:

19. “3 years ago my dad couldn’t walk to the end of the street and back. Now he walks 6 miles a day and swims 5 times a week. He’s my hero!”

20. “We create many habits. Why not create the healthy habit of exercising regularly?”

Have you or has someone in your family ever tried to lose weight? How have you or they changed physically and mentally? Do you have any tips on how to lose weight the healthy way?