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20 Photos of People Who Make Our World a Better Place Without Expecting Anything in Return

While they may be rare, the unsung heroes of our world are those who constantly make the lives of others better and they do truly exist. They don’t shy away from helping a friend in need, strangers on the subway, or animals in distress.

We at Bright Side believe in the power of kindness and have made this sweet compilation for our readers.

1. My little daughter helping her friend get out of trouble.

2. “Came home to find my dad drying a crow with a hairdryer.”

3. This mom made 798 bags to donate to foster children in need.

4. “These old guys helped me find my way home when I was lost in Japan.”

5. Our neighbors helped us fix our broken sprinkler for 2 hours. I said thank you the only way I know how.

6. “I made 35 desks for students in my area.”

7. Found 9 kittens in a box in a desert. My friends and I adopted them all.

8. “I’ve had long hair most of my life. I decided to donate 14 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.”

9. “This guy raised me as his own for years. I’m 29 and he’s still helping me out by welding a new subfloor to my car.”

10. Our dentist and his wife dressed up so my autistic brother could have his teeth inspected without any problem.

11. Our bus driver saw a kid crying on the road because his bike broke down. So he stopped the bus and helped him out.

12. These youngsters gather regularly to clean up parks.

13. “My dad with a bag of bone marrow donated by a 38-year-old stranger in Germany to save his life.”

14. My girlfriend lost her wallet with a lot of cash. This dude found it, contacted her, and got it back to her with everything still in it.

15. My niece lost her favorite toy in the park and had a meltdown. The next day we found the toy stuck in a bush.

16. “After a bleed in my brainstem, this is my son helping me learn to walk again.”

17. “Saw this lady picking up trash in Manhattan. Helping make the world a better place.”

18. Left: Otis first arriving at the shelter. Right: Otis adopted, cleaned by his new owners, and being a good boi.

19. “My dad the veteran, 18 years old vs 77 years old!”

20. “Our 4 year old wanted to make sure our cat was comfortable after going to the animal hospital.”

When was the last time you made someone smile or someone made you smile for no reason?

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