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20 Pics of People That Make Us Realize Time Flies

A bunch of crazy biker girls who turned into crazy biker grannies, a man who used to be a total mess and then became a loving father over the years — these are just a few tricks of time that people notice when they flip through family albums.

We at Bright Side have vivid examples of how time can be similar to a bolt of lightning that strikes all of a sudden and is so quick that it’s over in the blink of an eye.

1. “My wife (at 6 months) and her mom — 1989, my daughter and my wife today”

2. “My daughter, 10, picked up a photo of her grandfather, also age 10, at his memorial celebration.”

3. “My grandpa with his sister, 55 years ago and now”

4. “Father’s Day about 31 years later. Then and now.”

5. “1989 and 2019. A couple of nervous 29-year-olds looking down. Look at those genetics.”

6. “1988 vs 2018. I wish my son got our hair, or at least his.”

7. “Biker chicks then and now.”

8. “17 years passed.”

9. “On the left, me 4 years ago, a total mess. On the right also me, a happy father.”

10. “My grandparents have been together for half a century, and today they got remarried! ”

11. “First pic is me and my dad in 1990. Second is us with my son. Same house, same spot, Same goofy grins.”

12. “Love is growing old together.”

13. “My first first day of school. And my last first day of school.”

14. “Remember the little trees you would get with a McDonald’s happy meal 20 years ago? Here’s mine this morning.”

15. “Picture of my dad in the ’80s, taken in the same place nearly 30 years later.”

16. “July, 1977 — 2017. The first 40 years are the hardest.”

17. “Almost half of a century gap between these photos.”

18. “My parents holding hands through the years.”

19. “My great-grandmother at 30 years old and now at 92 years old. Isn’t she still gorgeous?”

20. “My dad’s first day of school in the ’70s, and now 50 years later.”

What is the most unexpected finding from your family album that made you stand with your jaw dropped? We’d love to see some of them!