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25 People Who Got Insanely Lucky and Couldn’t Keep It a Secret

Luck can take the most unexpected forms. For example, Virginia Fike won the multimillion jackpot in the lottery twice on the same day. Sometimes luck can save someone's life, present an incredible surprise, or just cheer somebody up. When this happens, you want to immediately share the news with the whole world — as did the heroes of our selection.

Bright Side has found 25 short stories from lucky people whose fortune was incredibly benevolent.

The nail passed between his toes.

The bird concealed the speeder's registration plate on the police camera.

"Found a safe in our floor during the house renovation."

There can't be too much ice cream: there turned out to be 2 cups in one pack.

2 palindromic bus tickets for different buses on the same day!

When you are so lucky that even a bad throw hits the target:

A shark bit her, but she wasn't tasty enough.

Just an inch away...

Generosity has no limits.

The only time when you are actually happy to get stuck!

4-leaf clover you say? Ha!

This is what happens when 2 lucky ones park together.

When you find a fortune in the drawers you bought at a sale:

That's a real sweet couple, not some mere Twix bars.

Got a chance to win $50,000!

An ice cream and a half, please!

A well-chosen airplane seat

That's what we call an onion ring!

Someone's guardian angel deserves an award.

This kid has just found out what a jackpot is.

This car broke through the guardrail and flew to the other side while also doing a barrel roll.

"I saw a rocket launch from my plane's window."

The boss wanted to reward his workers on Friday, but everyone went home early...except for one very happy employee.

Maximum avocado

Have you ever been extremely lucky? Or maybe somebody you know has? Feel free to share your amazing stories with us!

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