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Meet Colleen, the Girl Who Doesn’t Regret Donating Her Kidney to Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

When you actually care about someone, you’ll go above and beyond to make sure they’re happy and at ease. It can also entail prioritizing the needs of others over your own. However, because it’s a genuine and thoughtful choice, what we do out of love is never in vain. And this woman, Colleen, knows this feeling very well, and she doesn’t regret saving the life of a boyfriend who eventually cheated on her.

In 2016, Colleen donated her kidney to her boyfriend.

Colleen’s story went viral when the girl shared a TikTok in which she revealed the true account of the facts. The story quickly spread on social media, and she found herself receiving support and comfort from everyone who learned about it.

“It’s been almost 6 years since the surgery, so that’s what led me to my kind of poking fun at it on TikTok,” Colleen admitted.

Colleen began dating her boyfriend in 2015, and their relationship took off right away, though she was well aware of how much her ex was in pain because of his chronic kidney disease. When you’re in love, you’ll do anything in your power to support and help your partner through good and bad times. For this reason, Colleen felt compelled to have her compatibility tested and try to save her boyfriend’s life.

She took the test because she couldn’t stand to see how badly her true love was suffering. “Just seeing his condition, just seeing how much he was suffering through this condition, it made me get tested,” she declared. “Like, I felt a need to see if I could help this guy.”

In May 2016, Colleen underwent surgery to donate a kidney to her boyfriend, offering him the greatest gift she could possibly give. Despite her extreme fear, the girl never once considered backtracking or changing her mind. “I was nervous doing a big surgery like that,” Colleen confessed. “I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it would change his life for the better.”

The surgery went very well: Colleen performed a great act of love, “a priceless gift,” as her certification of appreciation reads. But, more importantly, she saved her lover’s life.

What happened next was something Colleen could have never predicted.

7 months following the surgery, her ex-boyfriend went to Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party. Colleen was very calm about it. “I didn’t worry at all,” she said. But when the guy unexpectedly showed up at her door on a random day, all of a sudden, because of his shocking revelation, everything took a turn for the worse.

Colleen received a very harsh confession: her boyfriend had cheated on her while on that trip. She was totally taken aback and felt completely lost. “I trusted him completely,” Colleen admitted, “I didn’t think that he would do anything to betray me like that. It really threw me off guard.”

Despite being hurt and feeling betrayed, the girl knew it was not the end of their relationship, so she gave him another chance for the sake of their love and everything they have been through. “I don’t know why I wanted to make it work, but I did.”

Second chances rarely work out well, and Collen and her ex-boyfriend experienced this firsthand. 3 months into their “renewed” relationship, despite their best efforts to make it work, they had a phone fight, and everything fell apart. The guy dumped her in the middle of the conversation, blocking and refusing to answer her calls.

She is proud of herself and has no regrets.

Even if it ended badly and the outcome was something she could never have foreseen, Colleen eventually learned how to cope with it, gradually regaining her sense of self-worth. For this reason, she is now completely fine about spreading this story, laughing about it, and feeling nothing but pride about the gesture she made for love. “I saved someone’s life, and I can’t take that back, so I don’t regret what I did at all,” she says.

Colleen is now in a stable relationship and seems happier than ever. She has moved on from the past, always acknowledging the noteworthy gift she gave to her ex, while harboring no ill will toward him. Saving someone else’s life is important not only for its own sake, but also because it reflects how much we value ourselves as people.

I’m still proud of myself for giving someone a second chance at life,” Colleen admits, knowing that what she did was “life-changing” and that such a sweet gesture would not go unnoticed.

What’s the biggest gesture you’ve done for someone you care about?

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