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What the Life of a Woman Who Lives With 1,300 Dogs, 100 Cats, and 4 Horses Looks Like

Sometimes dealing with a single pet gets overwhelming, imagine having thousands of animals to care for. That’s the life of Wen Junhong who has taken it upon herself to give neglected animals the love they deserve by providing them shelter and a place in her heart.

Bright Side salutes this superwoman and would love to share her story with our audience.

Her house is full of cages.

68-year-old Ms. Wen Junhong owns a 2-story house and every room is piled up with cages! According to her, she rescued her first dog over 20 years ago and hasn’t stopped since then. Her family now includes 1,300 dogs, 100 cats, 4 horses, and several birds and rabbits.

She wakes up at 4 AM every morning.

Wen gets up really early in the morning to prepare for her day. She cleans all the cages which are often full of overnight waste. She then cooks a mix of vegetables, meat, and rice for the animals, which comes out to about 500 kg (1102 lbs) of food.

She sold her apartment and took out a loan to pay her expenses.

Caring for so many animals is no joke. To meet their needs, Wen, who used to be an environmental technician, sold her apartment. She’s also taken a loan and is using her life savings and pension to make sure that abandoned animals have access to food and shelter.

She hopes people will come forward to adopt.

The number of animals in Wen’s care is increasing as more and more people are abandoning their dogs. To help her out, she has a staff of 6 people but still, it’s only a matter of time before they run out of space. Not to mention, because of complaints from neighbors, she has already relocated 6 times.

As interest in keeping pets is increasing in China, Wen is hoping that people will start adopting her babies so the animals can relocate to their forever homes and live freely.

Can you imagine living with so many animals? Have you ever adopted or fostered a pet?

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