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Why Boys Close to Their Mothers Are Better Partners and Have Happier Lives

It’s widely believed that the nature of a boy’s relationship with his mother, more than any other, determines his personality. To make sure he’s capable of emotional intimacy, women often want to examine their man’s behavior toward his mother. There is no doubt that a boy who nurtures a close bond with his mother grows up to be a stable and confident man.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that behind every successful and happy man is a loving mother.

A relationship with their mother determines attachment style.

One study shows a connection between mother and child behaviors. Children who experienced a positive response from their mother during distress were less likely to develop an unhealthy attachment style later in life. On the other side, if the mother’s behavior is unpredictable or harsh, that will have a negative impact on the child’s future relationships. Therefore, men capable of healthy attachment owe it largely to their moms.

They have good social skills.

Many psychologists say that sons who regularly experience conflict with their mothers are more likely to engage in anti-social behavior. Having an open and caring conversation with a kid instead of fighting will set a base for developing useful social skills and stable friendships. Following that, boys who have good communication with their mothers are less likely to engage in physical fights and make problems in school.

A close relationship with their mother boosts their confidence.

Maternal warmth in infancy is a foundation for a child’s eventual self-esteem. This dependency on the parent-child relationship decreases in adolescence as a child seeks to form new relationships with peers. However, it is shown that adolescents still need a strong and secure bond with a parent to feel safe and confident. A boy who feels his mother’s support won’t be afraid to explore the outside world.

They are at lower risk of mental health problems.

Another study suggests that overall, a good relationship with parents, especially a mother, lowers the risk of developing mental disorders later in life. Researchers indicate that boys who did not receive proper care from their mothers fail to develop emotion regulation strategies and, therefore, are more vulnerable to emotional distress in adulthood.

They aren’t prone to toxic behavior.

Raising boys to be harsh and fearless can do more harm than good to their happiness. By neglecting boys’ feelings and teaching them to be “real men,” parents are ignoring their sons’ emotional needs. This leads boys to have a development of unhealthy and toxic coping mechanisms. A mother who teaches her son to be vulnerable sometimes will surely raise a confident and stable man.

They are better romantic partners.

It is widely known that parents are role models to their children and can affect their offsprings’ romantic relationships. Studies indicate that a boy who shares a healthy relationship with his mother will grow into a caring and respectful spouse. If a man is close to his mother, you can be sure that he will be an emotionally aware and open partner.

A close mother-son bond increases emotional intelligence.

Research shows that boys who know their feelings are validated tend to have higher emotional intelligence. A man who is aware of his feelings and secure about them has more of a likelihood to form strong relationships later in life. A close relationship with his mother encourages a son’s emotional expression, which increases his empathy and deepens his relationships and communication with other people.

They are overall happier.

It’s not a novelty that children who grow up in supportive families grow to be happier and more successful, both in private and professional life. Psychologists suggest that boys who grew up surrounded by love showed better performance in school and were less susceptible to peer pressure. Confidence that a mother’s love builds leads to a man’s higher overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

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