16 Travelers Who Wanted to Take a Cool Pic but All They Got Was Disappointment

Oftentimes, after having seen beautiful photos of a certain place, we start to plan our trip there and dream about looking at that very castle, fountain, or lake with our own eyes. But when we finally reach the cherished place of interest, there is one question that continues teasing our mind, “Why did no one tell me that this place is actually boring?”

Bright Side has read through hundreds of reviews and comments from experienced travelers and found out which tourist locations look better in photos than in real life.

This is what Kerid crater lake actually looks like. Nobody calls it the “Eye of the World.”

Kerid Crater Lake, Iceland

“My vacation in Ireland and seeing the Cliffs of Moher”

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

Here is another “Once in a lifetime vacation destination...”

Neill Island, India.

Finding silence and no crowds here is even more difficult than meeting a unicorn.

Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

This place definitely looks nicer without crowds.

The Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

“I’ve always thought that ‘Swallow’s Nest’ was a huge knight’s castle but, in fact, it’s just a house measuring 30×65 feet.”

“Swallow’s Nest”, the town of Gaspra, Crimean Peninsula

“Can’t believe there would ever come a time where I’d miss crowds.”

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czechia

This is one of the most disappointing places in Japan. Just a hustle!

The Sapporo clock tower, Japan

“I was disappointed to the core! There are so many visitors that you can’t feel all the majesty of the palace. It looks more like a trial to get through a huge crowd at a rock concert.”

The Palace of Versailles, Paris, France

“Petra disappointed me with the notoriously costly entrance fee, which is $70 per person.”

Petra, Jordan

“If you want to get a good photo, go there in the morning or don’t go there at all. Walked past the entrance a couple of times during the day — so many people crammed together. Awful.”

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

“In a city where there is far too much to do, I would skip it — it’s a waste of money and time. For a similar riverside view, I would recommend St. Paul’s Cathedral.”

View from the London eye

“The fountain was packed with hundreds of people all day/night long. Went back at 5:45 am and had it almost all to myself.”

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

This oasis is just a big disappointment. But the dunes will definitely make you come back here!

Huacachina Oasis, the Atacama Desert, Peru

“It is beautiful in places, but it’s definitely become a sort of Disneyland. In the daytime, in tourist season, you’re literally waiting in line on the trail at some points.”

The village of Vernazza, Italy

“I heard a lot from my friends that I should visit Cambodia for this temple. But, in fact, it is just some highly eroded, decomposing... ancient sand fortress slammed and beaten by the waves of time.”

Angkor Wat temple complex, Cambodia

Bonus: Keep in mind the weather conditions when hunting for beautiful views

We are sure that our world is a wonderful place. And if, even despite the disappointing reviews, you feel that you want to see a certain place with your own eyes, make sure to go there and form your own opinion about it.

What other popular tourist destinations are not worth the time spent getting to them, in your opinion?

Preview photo credit depositphotos, metajog / reddit
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