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18 Photos That Show Why It’s So Hard to Understand Japan

Japan always has something to surprise the residents of other countries with. A good example is a recent piece of news saying that the winners of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be awarded medals made from recycled electronics. Japanese people have never been ordinary and their life and culture are still of genuine interest to the whole world.

Bright Side continues to study the Land of the Rising Sun and view it from unexpected perspectives. At the end of the article, there is a bonus waiting for you — it will prove once again that it’s impossible to mix up a Japanese mentality with any other one.

1. “Human Uber” helps people to attend events remotely using the body of another person.

2. Certain subways in Japan give you a helping hand with your bike.

3. These movie tickets from the “Ghibli” museum are made of frames from different Ghibli movies.

4. Solar-powered Robot Wolves are protecting the crops of Japanese farmers.

5. In Japan, they gave me a little milk mug for left and right-handed people alongside my coffee.

6. Some restaurants are really private in this country. The waiters here serve visitors without seeing them.

7. A sign in the Narita airport of Japan says “welcome to Japan” in English, while the Japanese text says “welcome back.”

8. Geodude was named the ambassador of Iwate Prefecture (part of an administrative district) in Japan.

9. There is a special button in some Japanese taxis that asks the driver go slower.

10. Speed trains here go super smoothly.

11. The check-out counters in some Japanese bakeries can recognize items automatically and add up the total cost of the order.

12. Airports in Japan arrange luggage by color so that passengers can easily find their suitcase.

13. Figures of famous characters on store shelves often wear eye-catching clothes.

14. Some cafes in Tokyo clearly mark each customer’s space at the counter.

15. Japanese employees, exhausted after work

16. Spas for Capybaras — the Japanese love them

17. The Musashino Waste Plant in Japan has a diner where people can watch trash being processed.

18. Nara City is literally filled with deer who have taken over the area.

Bonus: Taxis in Japanese airports line up in an orderly fashion to pick up passengers.

Is there anything else you would like to learn about this country? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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