10 Big-Hearted People Who Deserve a Bonus From the Ministry of Good Deeds

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Life can surprise us with unexpected moments, like feeling overwhelmed by pregnancy hormones or getting flustered after missing your flight. But in these tough times, kind strangers often step up, showing us that there’s goodness in the world and helping out when we need it most, just like our heroes have seen firsthand.

  • “Ten years ago, just before turning 21, I faced a moment of instant karma while struggling with unemployment and financial strain. After quitting a low-paying job at a local bar, anxiety set in with only $100 left, unsure of where to turn next.
    When my friend Johnny fell ill and needed $80 for medication, I unknowingly drove away with just $20. At a gas station, I impulsively spent my remaining money on two scratch-off tickets, winning $500 shortly after helping Johnny. This experience taught me the value of letting go of regret, helping others, and experiencing unexpected blessings in life.” Kyle Burton / Quora
  • “I was an American in China and 6 months pregnant. I was at the train terminal and the hormones kicked in. I started crying for literally no reason, which made me only cry harder. A very tiny old Chinese woman grabbed my shoulder and said something I didn’t understand. She then grabbed me and gave me a huge hug.
    When she pulled away, she gave me a great smile. It was exactly what I needed.” D*kenOliphaunts / Reddit
  • “During a summer road trip from Dallas to Austin years ago, my car’s battery meter acted up, prompting me to buy a new battery in Austin despite it not being the real issue. After a failed attempt to leave that night to conserve battery power, my car broke down outside the city without headlights.
    Stranded in near darkness, a stranger in a truck stopped to help, offering to tow us back to Dallas despite the risky setup. It was later revealed that he had terminal cancer but chose to spend his remaining time helping stranded travelers, leaving a lasting impression of kindness and selflessness.” ********nowcones / Reddit
  • “One of my most vivid childhood memories is of me at the local bar and grill with my parents, and I was like 6 and looking at a very specific doll in a claw machine. It was Tweety Bird in a spacesuit. I was so zoned out, I didn’t even know someone walked up until the claw came down, picked it up, and dropped it in the chute in one fell swoop.
    I turned to see a man who looked homeless/transient taking the Tweety Bird out of the chute and immediately bending down and handing it to me. Neither of us said anything, just smiled at each other, and then he turned and walked out of the restaurant.” kemosabi4 / Reddit
  • “When I was 9 or 10 I missed the school bus. This big guy picked me up and run towards the bus screaming to try to make the bus stop. It eventually did, and he put me inside of it and then dipped, I couldn’t even say thanks.” sowydso / Reddit
  • “I showed up 1 minute late to the airport to catch a critical flight. People were literally still going through security, but they wouldn’t let me enter the line. I had a breakdown in the waiting area.
    Some random old guy came and handed me twenty dollars and said, ’I know this doesn’t help whatever it is you just missed, but if they let you take the next one, at least go have a hot breakfast on me. Take care.’ and he just shuffled off on his way. I was floored.” Dr****enstein / Reddit
  • “In 2014, while traveling from Chennai to Bangalore by bus, I witnessed a boy leaving his laptop behind in his rush to disembark. Despite the bus company’s initial reluctance, I ensured the laptop reached the boy, who thanked me profusely as it contained vital project work.
    Fast-forward to 2018, I found myself in a similar predicament at Mumbai airport, having forgotten my laptop and external hard drive at security. Thankfully, vigilant airport staff tracked me down, allowing me to retrieve my belongings just before boarding. This incident made me reflect on the interconnectedness of actions and their consequences, reinforcing my belief in karma’s subtle ways.” Aparna Vicky / Quora
  • “I had been going through a breakup and was sitting in a plaza with a friend when I decided to try some sort of dairy-free frozen yogurt at one of the shops there. Inside, the workers were talking while helping me, and apparently, the girl who was assisting me was going through something at the time too. She looked at me and said, ’I’m sad. Are you sad too?’ I replied, ’Yes,’ and she gave me my froyo for free.” guacsolid / Reddit
  • “In Spring 2018, with just three weeks until my wedding, I stumbled upon a dream wedding dress priced at $60 but struggled to find a local business for alterations on short notice. While discussing this dilemma during a hospital lunch break, a nurse from the cancer center overheard and offered her services. She charged a remarkably low fee of $50 for wedding dress alterations, and we arranged fittings during our lunch breaks.
    Throughout the fittings, we bonded over our lives, and she shared that sewing reminded her of her late mother, whom she used to sew with. When I picked up the perfectly altered dress, she refused payment, insisting it was a gift in honor of her mother. Overwhelmed with gratitude, we shared tears, and I vowed to pay forward her kindness one day.” GoKelsey / Reddit
  • “I was waiting at the traffic lights to cross the road. It was raining a bit and I didn’t carry an umbrella with me that day (I don’t really mind the rain, so it didn’t bother me that much). However, a man went up to me and held his umbrella over me while we were waiting to cross. It wasn’t much, but it made me so happy.” Unknown author / Reddit

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