10 Brilliant Car Hacks From Amazon That Many Drivers Can’t Get Enough Of

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We know that when choosing car accessories, many of you rely on other drivers’ opinions. This is why we thoroughly checked customer reviews when working on this selection, and here are 10 items that drivers from Amazon can’t praise highly enough. While being affordable, they can solve a whole bunch of everyday problems a car owner faces, from getting rid of excessive moisture in the car to keeping the car interior clean and organized. Buckle up and get ready to add quite a few items to your shopping cart!

1. To prevent things from ending up between the seats: a car seat gap filler. No more fishing the dropped change, phones, or French fries out from between the seats! The item is super easy to install, and it moves with the seats, so there’ll be no need to reinstall it every time you move your seat. The black color of the gap filler will suit every car interior and will look discreet and stylish.

53,300+ ratings
4.6 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: No more trying to fish things out from between seats! @Mara

These things were easy as pie to install. Once installed, the seats can still move back and forth with no twisting or shifting of the gap fillers. It’s not like I drop a lot of stuff, or even very often, but when I have, it was always such a mission to fish out whatever it was. Naturally, if it was change, pens, or French fries that found their way into those gaps, they just stayed there like a layer of a landfill...usually at a time, or place that was very inconvenient. NO MORE! @L. J. Graham

Things to consider:

The items may not fit perfectly in some cars:

The seat gap filler is wide enough and will move with the seat without snagging the center console of my ’22 Toyota Tundra, but it needs to be longer to block the entire length of the gap. The gap filler must be about 1.25″ — 1.5″ longer to block the gap between the seat and the center console. They should sell a product for full-size trucks and SUVs that is longer. @Mark F


2. To throw the trash away in style: a mini trash bin that you can install anywhere in your car. Its slim design will help you easily find a place for this bin, no matter what kind of car you have. You can install it on the door, in the seat back pocket, or anywhere else. The package includes bags to keep it clean and to make collecting trash easier.

100+ ratings
4.1 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: This is a compact trash can for use in a car. It’s small and thin, not occupying much space. There is a clip included, which makes the bin very easy to install on car doors or back seat storage. There is a flip-top lid to keep trash inside the bin, it’s especially good for trash with an unpleasant smell. A roll of 30 trash bags is included, but they’re a bit oversized for this mini trash can. I will keep these bags for pet use, as cleaning this trash can is easy. I’m satisfied with this product, would recommend. @gogo cat

A neat and tidy little car bin is always a good idea with kids in the car! Comes with a roll of sandwich-sized green bags. I attached the clip and slipped it into the storage pocket on the back of the driver’s seat. I don’t have many areas to put this in the car unless I set it in the side door. It’s slim enough to fit. Easily cleanable. Have not tested it for liquid spills yet but don’t intend to put liquid in it. Not too bad a price. @Alex

Things to consider:

Some buyers notice that the lid may be somewhat unstable:

Very well made and packaged. The only thing is I expected green bags. I got black, and the lid slips off, but I’ve secured it into my car door. Overall would definitely recommend. @binash


3. To keep things in place: a car trunk organizer. Many pockets create enough space to put all your things inside and keep them organized inside your car. The straps and buckles are very easy to adjust, and they will keep the organizer in place, firmly attached to your car seats. The 3 rear hook and loop fasteners cling to the lining material of the seat back, keep things in position, and won’t sag. The 3 straps ensure the organizer can bear more weight.

800+ ratings
4.4 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: This is a really solid item to maintain order in your trunk. The pockets aren’t huge, but they hold enough. The number of them means you can partition things up nicely, and I think this presents an excellent value for the money. Installation took seconds. @Amazon Customer

Good size, as it fits my Yaris perfectly, and I have made use of all the compartments for car cleaning wipes, a sponge, compressor, winter car kit with a little shovel etc., hand sanitizer, microfiber cloths, flashlight, shopping bags, and a few other bits and pieces. Still leaves plenty of room in the trunk and looks very neat and tidy. Can be adjusted so that you can use the top pockets without having to remove the parcel tray. Highly recommend. @Vicky B

Things to consider:

Depending on the type of the car, fitting may be required:

Didn’t double-check if it would be suitable for my car, but my daughter is delighted as it fits hers. @carnamena


4. To keep necessities within easy reach: a sun visor organizer. The organizer pouch can be securely attached to the sun visor without obstructing the driver’s view, which makes it safe and practical. Made of high-quality materials, the organizer has enough space to hold all the things you need. It includes 1 extra-large pocket, 1 mesh pocket, 5 card holders, and 1 glasses clip.

2,600+ ratings
4.4 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: This is perfect in order to store all my little bits and pieces. Fits, and super simple to put up, doesn’t get in the way whatsoever. @Kieran

Great way to organize your stuff. Very useful and a good value for the money. Good size as it doesn’t obstruct your view. @Muugi Dash

Things to consider:

The item may produce some noise when the car is moving:

Great, the only negative is the zips clicking together when driving. @Kirsty G. Naysmith


5. To prevent pets from leaving paw prints in the car: a car trunk liner. The liner has skid-proof silicone points that eliminate the risk of your dog slipping during driving. There are also 3 storage bags that are just perfect for storing your pet’s toys, food, and other necessities. The side strips of the item and its overhang design offer all-around protection, securing the bumper from damage when loading or boarding.

1,200+ ratings
4.6 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: I’ve used the liner to protect my trunk from sand and dirt left by my dogs.
It really works, just needs brushing. @Gail

Our Labrador sheds terribly, and his hair would stick to the carpet in the trunk. Even after vacuuming some hair would remain. And it was driving me nuts! Using this liner means we can simply brush the hair off in no time at all. It fits my Mazda CX-5 well. The backing is designed to grip the carpet, and this works well. However, the sticky Velcro pads for securing to plastic trim did not last, even though I cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol before use. I am reluctant to try any other adhesive in case it adversely affects the car interior. To be fair, the liner stays in place without this additional fastening, even after a long journey, the lining isn’t wrinkled or loose and stays tidy. All in all, an excellent buy. @Julie

Things to consider:

The item can be big for some car trunks:

I wanted a boot cover for when I take the dogs out in the car. This one is good, as I like that it also covers the back of my car. I was fed up with muddy paw prints all over. It wipes clean, which I also like. One thing I will say is it’s massive, so it took a while to get it fixed right. I have a Fiesta, and I would say it would definitely fit cars with a bigger trunk than mine. @Karen Letten


6. To protect yourself from bright sunlight: a car window sunshade. The item is made of high-quality nylon mesh that is breathable and stretchy. It can effectively protect your kids, pets, and other passengers in the back seat from harmful UV rays, reducing the heat and preventing your passengers from getting burned or overheated. The mesh stays on the exterior of the door frame, so you can roll down the windows freely to enjoy some fresh air while staying protected from the sun.

7,900+ ratings
4.3 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: I purchased these because I have a dog who likes to look out as we go along, but I am concerned that, even though he is secured to a seatbelt holder, he might hang out too far. Better than that, they stop stuff from flying in the open windows and also keep the back cool as a sunshade. If in doubt, go for them, even if you have no kids or animals. They are marvelous. @Clarissa

Hot summers and no air conditioning were made more comfortable by these sunshades. They fit the windows well and shaded the back seat. @Fred Weimer

Things to consider:

Some buyers notice the noise the shade creates when driving at a high speed:

Great product. Does exactly what it’s supposed to. However, my partner doesn’t like the noise caused by the covers touching the windows at high speed (motorway, etc.). It sounds as if ta car’ part has gotten loose. Other than that, good product. @Amazon User


7. To get rid of excessive moisture: a reusable car dehumidifier. No more waiting for your windows to clear on cold mornings when you are in a rush. Thanks to its high moisture absorption, the item can considerably reduce the misting on your windshield. Simply place it on your dashboard and let it do its job! And the best thing about this dehumidifier is that you can use it over and over again. After a couple of months, simply put it in the microwave for 10 minutes at 700 watts, and the moisture will dry out completely.

9,400+ ratings
4.2 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: The product is easy to use. The right size for a car dashboard and windshield. Had it for a week now, and the windshield has been clear of condensation every day. Pleased with the purchase. @Amazon Customer

My car windows have been dripping with moisture inside for ages despite using the heater and fan. Before starting a journey, it would take at least 10 minutes to start clearing. I was hoping that this device would help even a little. After the first night of leaving it in place, the moisture had cleared. I was really surprised that it could be so effective and has continued to be so since. @Ruth2

Things to consider: Some buyers say that the item works best in the area of the windshield that is located close to it, so you may want to consider buying more than one of them:

I bought this as my car windshield inside was getting wet a lot. This works, but just in the immediate area it sits in, so I have a nice clear circle on the windscreen, but the rest is still wet. So I still have to wait for it to clear with the heater fan. @Amazon Customer


8. To protect your car interior from dirt: car seat covers. The set includes 2 front seat covers that will thoroughly protect the seats from all sorts of stains. They are fully waterproof and wipeable, which makes cleaning a breeze. The seller offers several colors (black, red, blue, navy, and gray), so you’ll be able to choose the set that fits your car’s interior the best.

4,400+ ratings
4.5 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: These covers are a fantastic fit and are a good value. I’ve tried loads of different seat covers, and for the price, these covers are the best. They fit over large seats perfectly without loads of ridiculous strings and Velcro. @Sandman

I bought these to protect my car seats through the winter. Really pleased with the quality. I have heated seats and can still feel the warmth through the covers. Also, the covers fit the whole seat all around, so there is plenty of protection if I fold my back seats down and carry things in the back. I’m so glad I didn’t get the covers that just fit the front. Good value for the money, durable, and water resistant. Ticks all the boxes, would definitely recommend. @Jackie

Things to consider: The seat covers may look somewhat baggy on some car seats, as they come in one size:

This item does exactly what it’s meant to! It’s extremely protective, robust, and proper heavy-duty material! Ideal if you have animals in the car or transport kids, and want to keep your seats in mint condition! Doesn’t look great or should I say fit perfectly, as it’s a generic one and suits lots of models, but I guarantee you it does the job! Love it. @JRamos


9. To keep things in place: a leak-proof organizer. It has an adjustable quick-release buckle strap, which you can attach to both the front and the back headrests, as well as the center console for easier access. The organizer has a collapsible design, which allows you to fold it into one small piece when not in use. The 100% waterproof inner lining will also efficiently prevent the leakage of liquid.

27,000+ ratings
4.6 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: Can store snacks on the sides. Great for putting small little wrappers, tissues, etc. inside. Quite nice to have in your vehicle, so you or other passengers have a way to get rid of stuff. No complaints here as it’s doing the job of a bin. Just clipped it to the back of the driver’s seat. @B

Just as described, really sturdy, and fits nicely around the headrest. It does protrude a bit, but it’s so practical and handy that you can’t fault it. Highly recommend! @Amazon Customer


10. To easily clean snow and ice from your windshield: an ice scraper. This is a versatile 2-in-1 tool that combines a brush and a scraper. The item is made of thick plastic and aluminum, which makes it ultra-durable. At the same time, the brush bristles are soft at the base, so they won’t damage your car windshield and will provide trouble-free snow cleaning. For easier handling, the snow brush and ice scraper ​can be separated from the handle.

400+ ratings
4.3 out of 5 stars

Promising reviews: I recently purchased this snow brush and I am extremely happy with my purchase. The brush is sturdy and well-made, with a durable handle that is comfortable to grip even in freezing temperatures. The bristles are stiff enough to effectively remove snow and ice from my car without scratching the paint. I also appreciate the built-in ice scraper on the opposite end, making it a 2-in-1 tool that saves me time during the winter months. One of the things that stood out to me about this snow brush is its compact size. It’s not too bulky, so it’s easy to store in my trunk without taking up too much space. @GeraldM

Works great and is easy to handle in the coldest environment to scrape off ice or sweep off snow. @Zachary Simpson


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