10 Cat Trays From Amazon That Will Give Pets Privacy When They Need It Most

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A cat tray is not necessarily what we want to admire in our interior. But it is impossible for cat owners to do without it. The good news is that we found an unusual solution to this problem on Amazon!

Check out these interior solutions that will give your pet some privacy and hide the unsightly. No one except your cat will be able to guess the purpose of this piece of decor!

1. A litterbox in a spacious clay pot with a plant for those who like to be closer to nature

This cozy but spacious cat hiding place will allow your pet to bury everything under a tree. This artificial plant decoration will freshen up the room without requiring maintenance. It is made of lightweight and durable plastic, so you can easily rearrange it if necessary!

2. A lovely bedside table that will become a comfortable refuge for your cat

The laconic design of this cabinet allows you to use it in any room. Place it next to your bed for a cozy sleeping space for your pet. Or place it in the bathroom to hide the cat litter box inside. The cat-shaped opening makes this cabinet the cutest accent in the room!

3. A stylish cabinet with a folding top will not let a single grain of cat litter fall out

2 internal compartments will give your feline friend a lot of space, which will protect against the spillage of litter and unpleasant odors. Convenient access makes cleaning the litter box easier. And the stylish design makes this cabinet a real find for those who love that loft and country-style decor!

4. A functional ottoman with a removable top is another practical way to hide your cat’s secret spot.

This is a great way to save space in your living area by combining 2 items into one! The comfortable seat can hold up to 100 kg of weight. And the waterproof, durable case will securely hide the cat litter box from prying eyes (and noses)!

5. A toilet in the form of a wicker house with a pull-out tray is convenient for both the cat and the owner!

So compact, so light, and so handy! The drawer provides easy access to the contents inside and makes cleaning easy. The replaceable activated carbon filter and hinged door provide odor control. The paw scraper helps keep the spread of litter under control!

6. A closed litter box with a door is the most economical way to give your pet their private space.

For a low price, you can get everything you need for a hygienic pet toilet. The activated charcoal filter will prevent odors, the closing door will hide the actual litter from view, the convenient opening mechanism makes cleaning quick and easy. So spacious, this litter box is even suitable for small breed puppies!

7. The self-cleaning cat litter tray is a smart robot that will save you time and keep order in the house.

Simple, secure, and... smart! This tray allows you to control your cat litter with an app. The tray will clean and deodorize itself automatically on a scheduled basis.

But you can also manually press the button to remove odors. You can leave the tray for up to 15 days before needing to replace the litter!

8. A self-cleaning cat litter box that looks like a space travel capsule

Smart sensors sync data with your phone, so you can keep track of usage time and toilet capacity at any time. The capsule automatically closes the hatch when the machine is cleaning and automatically opens when cleaning is complete. The 60-liter tray will let you forget about daily cleaning! And just look at this fantastic backlight!

9. The foldable cat litter box is a compact solution for small spaces.

The tray is presented in several delicate colors, and it has 2 exits. Your cat will surely enjoy climbing out through the roof. And you will surely like the absence of scattered litter granules! It also has a drawer for easy cleaning and a scooper included.

10. Another stylish cabinet with a versatile design that can be used to disguise a cat litter box

The material of the cabinet does not absorb odors, which is important for cat owners! Put your usual tray in the cabinet, and it will not be difficult for the cat to find it by smell and get used to looking into this new place for even more privacy!

Where in your house would you never let your cat go? Or is your cat the rightful owner of everything you have?

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