10 Helpful Things for Everyday Life That You Never Knew Existed

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3 years ago

Ordinary things still can surprise us. We use a toothbrush every day but never pay attention to why the bristles have blue lines. There are 2 ways to take a baby’s onesie off so your baby’s skin can stay more protected. And there are more useful features of other products that we never knew about.

We at Bright Side keep discovering new stuff and would like to share 10 (more) helpful things that you can use in your daily life.

1. The digits on your eggs will tell you how it was produced.

We might cook eggs every day, but those digits on the product still remain a mystery. They can actually tell you a lot about the eggs that you bought. In many countries, this labeling system consists of a number indicating the method of production, a 2-letter code for the country of production, and a registration number indicating the hen laying establishment.

The first number varies from 0 to 3 and means:

  • 0 — organic egg
  • 1 — free-range eggs
  • 2 — deep litter indoor housing
  • 3 — cage farming

2. iPhone has a “Reachability” function that allows you to use the gadget easier.

The new iPhones have many amazing features, and they can be even handier after learning some hidden functions. Inventors included this awesome setting called “Reachability.” If you struggle to reach the top of the screen, especially with a bigger version of the iPhone, then no worries. You don’t need long fingers anymore.

“Reachability” lets you lower the screen down so you can use it with just one hand. You can find this feature in the Accessibility settings.

3. The color of the bristles on your toothbrush will tell you when it’s time to change it.

The bristles on your toothbrush can be different colors but most often they’re blue. This is done to remind you that it’s time to change your toothbrush. When the bristles become pale, it’s like a signal for you that this item has expired.

4. The tab of a rearview mirror is made for adjusting day and night position.

This little tab was originally created to protect you from car accidents. By using it you change positions depending on the daytime. This helps to reduce the glare from headlights behind you.

This dimming effect makes the bright lights bounce off from your vision and is more comfortable for your eyes.

5. The best way to keep a jar of peanut butter is upside-down.

If you are used to storing your peanut butter with the lid up, we have news for you — this is not the best option. Although it’s a totally normal product to have around, there is one thing that we don’t pay much attention to. The liquids separate from the butter and rise to the top. Put the jar upside-down, so the oils don’t come up on the surface.

6. There are 2 ways to take of a baby’s onesie.

Many baby onesies have split sleeves. When you need to change it, you can pull the onesie down over their shoulders instead of pulling a wet dirty onesie up over their heads. Your baby’s face will stay clean and that’s always a big win.

7. Starbucks cups fit in their lids so they don’t tip over.

Quite often we ask for a holder to carry our coffee but there is a hidden trick we can use instead. Coffee lids in some coffee shops have a special cut, so the cup bottom can perfectly fit into them. Next time, you can use it as a coaster to save yourself from spilling.

8. There are metal teeth in the middle of kitchen shears that you can use for multi-purposes.

If you have kitchen shears you might see plier-like teeth between the handle grips. This is an additional feature. They are there to crack nuts, chicken, or crab shells. You can open bottles and jars with it as well.

On top of that, Reddit users have shared that they use this hole to destem leaves from herbs.

9. Jeans with an extra loop can be helpful for cyclists.

If you have this kind of jeans with an extra loop, this is not just for a visual design. It has a purpose. These are special cycling jeans. The loop holds a bike lock. People shared that Levi’s tried to build a better mousetrap to fit a niche market and it went well.

10. There is an olive spoon that is useful in picking up berries, pickled garlic, and olives.

A mysterious spoon with a hole in it is not just a weird fantasy item. This item is called an “olive spoon” and it was created to grab small things from jars, cans, or bowls. It’s perfect when you serve food and want to take only one olive or berry out of a container.

What additional unpredictable features of ordinary things do you know about? Please, share your experience with us!

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