10 Items to Step Up Your Home Decor Game

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Home decor is a great way to add personality to your space. Whether you want to create a relaxing retreat or a stylish living room, you can easily transform your home into something beautiful and unique.

Here are some objects that, from our point of view, can help you make your space more stylish and practical.

1. This wavy mirror will not only provide a good reflection but will also be an attractive and decorative addition to your room.

Before the invention of the mirror, ancient people used water reflections to see themselves. However, the movement of the water through the image was a little distracting.
This mirror, thanks to its shape, creates the feeling of a wave as if returning us back to those times. Plus, it is very light and easy to install, and it can fit into any interior without losing its functionality.

  • Sleek and elegant. The mirror is a nice addition to my living room. It is a little too small for me to do my makeup, but it adds an enjoyable touch and feel to a room, as there are no sharp edges. @Victoria
  • Great value. Great item, arrived undamaged and very quickly — I’ve seen the same item, just more expensive on other sites, but glad I ordered this one! Just to note there’s a film you need to peel off so it becomes fully reflective. @Tony K.

2. Decorate your couch with this arm tray that is both functional and stylish. Plus, it’s easy to install.

Any size couch arm can fit this side table. It is made of bamboo, is simple to clean, and the wood will not get stained by spills. This means that you should not be concerned about minor accidents that might occur on a cozy evening at home.

  • Sturdy construction and looks good in situ. The color is ideal for my son’s leather chair, and it fits beautifully over the arm. I haven’t seen how well the other one fits over the arm of the settee, but I have no reason to expect it will be anything less than perfect. @Granniefae
  • Functional and aesthetically pleasing! Our sofas have rounded arms, which are not great for balancing a cup of tea or the TV remote. This arm tray provides a flat surface that is stable. The item is well-made and good quality. We bought the darker wood, and it is a good, rich color. I may buy another one for the other arm! @Andy G.

3. A cinematic light box sign will be a great addition to any party, as well as help you illuminate messages for loved ones.

With the help of 105 interchangeable characters, numbers, and color emojis, you can easily write any message. Plus, it can be powered by plugging it in or by using batteries, allowing you to decorate for any occasion, even one that is celebrated in the backyard. This is perfect for any situation!

  • Useful for multiple events! I purchased this to use with my wife’s 40th, but alas, that never happened because of the pandemic. Instead, it has been used for several other parties, birthdays, and get-togethers! Once the main lights in the room dim or are switched off, the light box stands out really well! Ideally, you don’t want to put too many letters in, otherwise it blocks out the effect, so you need to be creative with your words! A lovely soft addition to any event, like a wedding, a party, in an office, or even at the occasional meeting! There are plenty of letters and numbers to choose from that appear to have been carefully thought out — we haven’t come across a message we couldn’t finish. @Dan
  • Look no further. I wasn’t keen on these originally as everyone has them, but I went to a friend’s house before Christmas who has one, and it looked nice in their living room.
    I was searching on Amazon and came across this one, which had mostly positive reviews. It’s safe to say I’m not disappointed!
    Great item with a lot of letters and emojis included. The item takes 3 AA batteries to power on, or alternatively, it can be powered via USB, which is very handy.
    When turned on, the item delivers a strong, bright white background, which is great, and the letters included have a plastic (laminated) finish, which is great and keeps them in good condition.
    Overall, I’d highly recommend this item, and if you are in the market for a cine-light, look no further! It was well worth the money and was reasonably priced. @Dominic

4. Dimmable little duck, easy to charge, creates a bright light that also can be very useful at night.

One of the 5 advantages of night lights is their relaxing and ambient aura. This lamp is perfect for creating a little oasis for yourself. By activating the built-in 20-minute timer in the lamp, you can prepare to go to sleep without worrying that it will be on the whole night. Also, this adorable duck is likely to put a smile on your face.

  • The best thing I’ve ever purchased with adult money. Don’t overthink it, just buy it — you will not regret it! This is the best thing I have ever bought with my adult money. He is super cute and sits on my bedside table, and his little dangly feet make me so happy. It was super squishy and came with some charge, so it could be used right away if necessary. It was delivered quickly and is perfect. I love this little guy, and it has good illumination. @Marvin
  • Absolutely love them! I was a bit unsure about ordering these at first because I thought they were a bit pricey, but I’m so glad I did. I wanted night lights for my twins that they could use by themselves. They’re ideal for reading bedtime stories and are extremely simple to use. They have a 20-minute timer for bedtime and a constant setting, so they stay on until you turn them off. They have 2 brightness settings and can be patted on and off or switched by the button on the bottom of them. They’re so cute and soft — my twins love them. They’re almost 3 years old, so the ducks are easy to use. I kind of want one for myself. They charge with the USB cable that they come with — you just need to buy a USB plug, which you can get cheaply from B&M, Poundstretcher, etc., pretty much anywhere that sells them. @Gina

5. Simple vinyl coasters that put you in a retro mood while doing their job perfectly

Vinyl cup holders that will help you keep the surfaces clean, as well as identify which glass is yours thanks to the bright drawings on the places where the names of the albums are written. Plus, they’re non-slip and easy to clean.

  • Eye catching. I wanted something different for the man cave bar and tables, and these are just the thing. They fit in nicely with the theme I have, and they are also of good quality.
    The bottom is rubber, so they do not slip, and the top, where the label is, is covered by a layer of plastic, so the labels do not come off. @Mr H2U
  • Perfect gift item. Excellent idea and the perfect gift for any lover of vinyl records — the quality of these items is surprisingly good. The vinyl is perfect quality. The coasters have grooves cut into them, which make them appear as if they would be at home on a turntable. The quality of the retro designs of the labels printed on each record makes them look like they have been reproduced from authentic record labels. I would buy them again and am very happy to recommend them. @Tbo

6. These propagation stations fit into any location and are durable due to their solid construction and great quality.

This propagation station is simple to set up and maintain! You can also use it as a small vase to decorate your space with fresh flowers. The bulb will reflect light, blending with the wood to create a more natural appearance.

  • Best of the bunch! We have purchased several which are very similar to this product and have always been disappointed until now.
    Some wooden “holders” have very thin metal legs and are easily knocked over. Others have the jars held in place by a thin metal rod fitting through holes in the neck of each bottle. That rod is always “in the way” and makes extraction of the plant (and cleaning) very difficult without taking the whole thing apart.
    This product, however, has a strong wooden base into which it is easy to place and remove the jars at any time. Furthermore, it will not fall over for no apparent reason. @Ned Middleton
  • Perfect for propagation. The order came well-protected and labeled as fragile. All intact. A very attractive display to propagate cuttings. Easy to refill with water and safe to lift in and out of the cradle. The base is very stable. I’m very happy with my purchase. @S.G.

7. Functional and good-looking wall grid. You can redecorate it every day, and it holds a lot of nice little things.

This decor will change and evolve with you, you can always add something new thanks to the handy design. It is lightweight and stable, so you can put it in any space that you want. Its large mesh will be very handy for securing anything.

  • Practical and versatile. Appearance—this is a modern, simple design. It is not the most stylish organizer board out there, and I would have preferred it in white, but it is simple enough to blend in with your decor.
    Quality—it does feel very solid and there are no sharp edges on the metal—the trays clip onto the frame with no issue.
    Versatility—this board is very versatile. First, it comes in 2 parts so that you can hang them as one large board or as 2 separate boards. I am not hanging mine up at the moment (you do receive all the screws etc. needed to do that) as I need to paint the wall first. Luckily, the hinged design means I can have it standing up on my desk.
    Practicality: This organizer is very practical. It is actually a decent size, and the 2 trays hold more than I was expecting. The S hooks are really useful. I wasn’t too keen on the wooden pegs as they are tiny, so I will get some more robust metal clips. @TheLibrarian
  • Great idea! This is an excellent notice board. I love everything about it. I love that the pieces are separate so you can go long ways or vertical. I love that they can be used free-standing if needed. I love that they have a bold black color (although other color choices would be good for the future).
    The best bit is all the accessories. There are shelves, hooks, and pegs with it already, and even more you can buy separately.
    It really is fun and something to add to and play with. Changing the design could really change your room. Great idea. @Jo

8. A cow toilet roll holder that’ll probably put a smile on your face and make your stockpile look good.

This roll holder is spacious and can comfortably hold up to 6 rolls at once. It brings fun to a practical storage solution, and can likely fit into any decor.

  • Amoozing. This is the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. I just love it, it looks great and is functional. I wish I had more bathrooms so that I could have a whole herd. @Marie
  • Cow toilet roll holder. This looks brilliant in my bathroom — it’s so cute and matte black. You don’t need to put it together, either, just take it out of the box and place it where you want. Very well-made, keeps your toilet rolls stacked away nicely. @bettyboo

9. Use a sunset projector to bring the sun into any room of your apartment.

This lamp will project the illusion of a sunset onto the wall, giving the area a warm and pleasant glow. It’s easy to see how attractive it is in the winter, as the effect is reminiscent of a tropical sunset (kind of like being transported to a warm tropical oasis).

  • Adds a lovely warm glow to the room. I really love this little lamp. It adds a wonderful warm glow to our sitting room. It has a 180-degree turn rotation, and the head flips backward and forward through 180 degrees. You do need to aim it carefully so that it doesn’t shine in anyone’s eyes, as it is LED and can therefore damage eyesight if looked at for too long. Mine is angled upward and sits to one side of the room. Where it casts a round, warm orange glow on the wall, which is both restful and uplifting. The room looks so much nicer with it on, as the light is the color of the evening sun as it goes down in the Med... (and relax). I think the color confusion with some reviews arises because there are different color varieties available, so do check which one you are buying. The lamp has a neat little on-off button on the lead, and the lead itself has a USB connection only, which I have plugged into an extension unit with USB ports. You could also use a USB plug, but be aware you will need one of these as it does not come with a traditional plug... This lamp is a real pick me up on a dingy Autumn evening and creates a lovely atmosphere. @seasideryde

10. Flamingo planter that’ll upgrade any place you put it

Flamingoes often represent beauty, balance, potential, and romance. Installing a sculpture like this in your house or garden can attract lots of attention. While a simple statue would merely be pleasing to the eye, this flowerpot not only looks lovely but also serves its purpose flawlessly. It can easily accommodate a tiny plant, and the sturdy metal structure guarantees that any flowers you plant in it will be well-protected.

  • Purchase of a favorite planter. I love this planter so much. It’s a great size and adds charm to my patio. If they came in more variety, I would likely have a flock! This was my first time planting multiple plants in one pot or basket, so I did overdo it and eventually had to remove one of the impatiens because the other plants had packed him out. I may have to remove a second as well (I planted 3 impatiens and a geranium, which in my mind was the “tail,” but it never really stood up).
    I also like that this is a coil liner instead of a bucket or pot, as there have been no drainage issues (except if I forget to move another poor guy out from below him!).
    The flamingo is standing on cement, and I have had no problems with it falling over, so I’d say it’s fairly sturdy. Although I do move it to an area more in a “corner” when expecting heavy storms.
    My only concern with the quality is that the head has come a bit loose. This may be on me, as in retrospect, I tend to grab it by the head and tail when moving it. (Even filled, it’s not particularly heavy and easy to move about.) It’s likely that I could fix the loose bolt. I have not tried — I just think, “Oh, this is getting loose,” every once in a while, when moving or watering. I don’t recall assembling it and thought it came assembled, but it’s possible that it’s just so easy to assemble that I don’t remember doing it! (In which case, the head can definitely be tightened.)
    Overall, I’m very pleased! I found the quality and interest of the planter to be a good value for the price point, especially since many of the others I looked at were far more expensive! While I wish the basket was a bit larger, I would definitely recommend it. @sam sb

What is the most comfortable piece of decor that you have found for yourself?

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