10+ Life Hacks From People Who Know How to Optimize Life

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11 months ago

There’s a reason why people say that all ingenious ideas are simple. Sometimes we rack our brains over trivial things so much that they suddenly become difficult. It’s a good idea to slow down, take a sip of tea, and look at your situation differently. That’s how these 14 people found great solutions to their initially complicated problems.

1. “Pizza cutters are an underutilized kitchen utensil.”

2. “I use a hairpin to mark the end of my duct tape.”

3. “Chopstick + 2 rubber bands = all the toothpaste in the tube”

4. “Use baking sheets to polish your faucets and other chrome details.”

5. “My odd sock box — every time a lonely sock appears in the washing cycle, it goes here, hoping to one day be reunited.”

6. “Got tired of my family not washing their cups. Now we put bands around them. I end up washing fewer dishes.”

7. “A phone/tablet hack for car passengers”

8. “Organize your stuff with a dab of hot glue and some magnets. I use them all around the house.”

9. “Use broth in your boxed mac and cheese if you’re out of milk.”

10. “Today, I remembered that if you don’t have a candle, orange skin and olive oil will do it!”

11. “Use those plastic things that come with bread to close chip bags.”

12. “My girlfriend packs her underwear in her socks for each day she won’t be home. I think it’s clever.”

13. “Make a slight modification to plug-ins to get hair appliances off the bathroom counter.”

14. “Ice cream mug — your hands won’t get cold, the ice cream is insulated, and it’s more steady to sit on soft surfaces. You’re welcome!”

What’s the most recent problem you’ve finally managed to solve? What life hacks never work for you?


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