10 Little Things That Can Make Any Woman Look a Bit Messy

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3 years ago

When we hear the word, “messy,” we imagine someone in wrinkled clothes with dirty hair and wearing old shoes. However, this look is somewhat of an exaggeration. In reality, there are very minor details that can make a person look messy.

We at Bright Side have analyzed people’s looks very carefully and are ready to share a list of details that can make anyone look messy.

Messy shoes: dirty white soles but clean on top

To prolong the life of your shoes and clothes, it’s important to take good care of them. Your clothes have to be clean and neat — it’s the most important thing. Very often, shoes are clean but what many people overlook is the white soles. At first, they look okay but after some time, all the dirt builds up on them, making the entire shoe appear messy. Spend a few minutes cleaning your soles whenever you put them on.

Leftover foundation in the hair

Some girls probably have likely experienced being in a rush and accidentally getting some foundation on their hair. It’s not all that obvious but still, take a moment before you leave home to check your look in the mirror.

Grown cuticles on nails with gel polish

If you don’t have time to go to a salon often enough, try giving yourself a manicure at home to make the cuticles look neat.

Poorly made fake eyelashes

It’s important to monitor the condition of fake eyelashes and not miss the moment when they start to look bad. Sometimes, we get lucky and the lashes fall off nicely but very often, they fall off in the middle of the eye, forming a blank spot. If you don’t have enough time to see a lash artist, remove the eyelashes on your own.

Soap under and on your rings

People rarely remove their rings when they wash their hands — after all, they’re easy to drop and lose. But many people have the common problem of getting soap underneath the rings and it’s hard to notice right away. To avoid such situations, use liquid soap as it’s much easier to wash off.

A bunch of receipts in your purse

Sometimes, we take our change and receipts and stuff it all in our bag. But when there are too many receipts, the bag starts to look like a mini-Narnia. If you need to keep receipts, find a separate pocket for them. If you do this, you won’t have to spend 30 minutes every time you need to find your keys. Make sure you only have the things you really need in your bag.

Wearing the wrong type of undergarments

Sometimes, the wrong undergarments can ruin the entire look. You have to take many important things into account when choosing the right underwear. All parts of the bra need to look good under the clothes you’re wearing at the moment.

Traces of bad ironing on clothes

Even if you iron clothes often, it doesn’t mean you do it right. If you do it poorly, the clothes will still look messy. To avoid the visible lines, iron T-shirts, blouses, and more at the right temperature for the specific fabric and on the inside of the cloth.

Beauty product spots on the hands

The most comfortable spot to test beauty products is the left hand. This is where we put the foundation that we then spread around the face. This means we often have dirty spots on our hands that don’t look very good. To remove these makeup leftovers from your hand, get a bottle of micellar water or makeup removal wipes to use.

A dirty cell phone and accessories

We use our cell phones every single day and always have them with us. So it’s not surprising that they don’t always look great, with a screen covered in fingerprints or a dirty case. To make the phone look better, get used to wiping it with a napkin several times a day. As you’ve likely noticed, dirty cases look terrible. If you can’t change cases often enough, buy a simple cheap case that you can use only when it’s really important for all your accessories to look perfect.

What are the signs that someone is messy that you always pay attention to? Tell us in the comment section below!

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I guess in general being dirty can make anyone look messy, but really, I don't have worst than grown cuticles on nails with -permentant gel polish... As a nail addict, please girl... take it off or change it ;))


I guess that's a girl can't look messy with messy here though... It's not a coincidence that this phrase exists and is viral: messy hair don't care ;)


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