10 Long-Distance Relationships Must-Haves to Keep the Spark Alive

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Long-distance relationships (LDRs) are one of the most popular types of relationships in the world. According to a New York Post study, more than 58% of all relationships end happily. Despite this popularity, many couples struggle to keep the spark alive in their LDRs. Here are some must-haves that can help make your LDR work.

1. Bond bracelets can always let you know if your partner is thinking of you.

Bond Touch simulates the natural vibration of a loved one’s contact, so you can stay in touch and connected even when you’re not together. By selecting the color that will light up their bracelet, you can make their day happier. Your partner’s bracelet will light up in the color of your choice when you transmit a touch. Send someone you care about your love.

  • It’s amazing! I absolutely love this! This actually works! I’m actually in a long-distance relationship (I’m in Ohio, and he’s in Tennessee). I bought these bracelets a couple of months ago, and I will say that they have brought us even closer.
    Right now, we’ll visit one another, and when we’re apart, we’ll Skype twice a day. But for those days when it’s not possible, this really helps by sending a “I’m thinking of you” touch. You can send it in different colors, and you can also send messages via the app. This has enhanced our relationship! @Amazon Customer

2. Get yourself or your partner a personalized keychain with text and photos that will always warm their heart.

This is such a great way to keep your loved one close. Even if they are far away from you, their love is captured in the photographs, reminding you with a simple movement of the hand.

  • Excellent quality. I can’t even explain how beautiful this is. I was so surprised when it turned up. The photos are such good quality, and the gift box lights, etc. just made it even more special. I have never written a review about anything, but this was just too special not to write one, and for the price, it’s faultless. 100% recommend. @Kayley

3. Keep in personal cuddling contact with this personalized pillow.

Maintaining a connection in a long-distance relationship is almost impossible. However, these personalized pillows will allow you to remain near each other even when you’re separated by great distances. Additionally, they can take on humorous shapes, which can boost your mood.

  • Absolutely brilliant. I absolutely love this item. It is well-made, feels great, and is an absolutely perfect gift for someone or even yourself. Highly recommended and delivered quickly. Thank you so much for such a perfect item. @leanne

4. With this quiz book, your connections and conversations will never end.

Communication is key. Make sure you are regularly communicating with your partner, not just about day-to-day things, but about everything in the world that can bring you together. This book is full of questions that can help your conversation flow.

  • Great for new and existing couples. Great product. Perfect for a new couple. At the end of each chapter, you get ideas for “prizes” for the person who wins.
    Chapters are split between different categories like personalities, hobbies, pets, travel, friends, family, etc. So it covers different aspects of your relationship. Highly recommend it! @Sonia

5. Small love notes to keep your love reminders going all day

It’s critical to discover loving expressions that work for both of you when you’re living apart. Make sure your connection survives the distance by giving each other love letters or spending time together in person. You can keep the spark alive in your relationship with the help of these prepared massages.

  • The perfect silly gift for long-distance couples. This is a wonderful little gift for your significant other in a long-distance relationship! It’s totally silly and a bit of a gag gift, but still cute nonetheless. I gifted this to my girlfriend, and she loves it. Whenever she’s feeling down or misses me extra hard, she’ll open one and keep the little messages written inside the capsules, which she says lifts her spirits.
    Note: This is really meant for people in serious relationships. A lot of the messages inside are lovey-dovey, so maybe don’t get this for someone you’re just starting out with casually. @Customer

6. This love letter box can always connect you with your partner with small massages, pics, and more.

When one person is far away, it becomes even more important to be able to effectively communicate. You need to be able to talk about anything and everything without hassle. And if you’re busy all day long, it’s so heartwarming to find a secret massage waiting for you in the cute box. It will appear in your secret box simply by entering them into the app on your phone.

  • Worth every penny for every smile! I bought one for my fiancé, and she bought one for me! She lives in another country! We are currently waiting on a 90-day fiancé visa, and it may seem easier to send a text or email! There’s something about the idea of coming home after a long day! Or even waking up in the morning and seeing that little box spinning!
    It’s amazing what that simple gesture will do! Perfect for long-distance relationships, especially international ones with a time difference! It will be worth it! I think anyone would be happy to receive this as a gift! If you’re on the fence, jump on over (and if you’re wondering, we are still waiting on a visa as of this post — I can’t wait to put the boxes on opposing nightstands when we finally do get to see each other)! @RTS001

7. You can share your mood, feelings, and thoughts by sending a colored light to your lover’s lamp.

These unique long-distance touch lamps allow you to interact with the people you care about, no matter their actual distance! When you tap one of the lamps, all the other lamps in the set will turn on at the same time and in the same color. You can also create your own colored code with secret messages using the app.

  • Closeness: My daughter and family have recently moved to Adelaide, South Australia. She bought these lamps for us before she left, and I have got to say they are the best thing ever. Having this lamp helps us be much closer as each color can mean a special message, i.e., “I love you,” “I miss you,” “I have news,” etc.
    You can even attribute a color to each person if it’s something or someone special. It really helps us cope with them being so far away. Love them. @Graham

8. 2 time zone clocks that can help you always be on time with each other.

When you are in a different time zone, it’s hard to communicate and find the perfect time to communicate. But you can easily get a leg up by using these good reminder watches. Track your partner’s time and communicate with no boundaries.

  • Unique watch with eye-catching good looks! I love my Bobo Bird Watch! The watch looks incredible and is very unique. I bought it for myself, but it would make an excellent gift as well. I love the matching bracelet and link removal tool it came with as well.
    I was going to buy a watch tool separately to remove links from my wife’s $700 Michelle watch, but this tool also worked with it. It saved me the time and money of having to go to a jeweler. Even the box it comes in is elegant and impressive for display. The Bobo Bird Watch is an incredible value, and I already intend on buying another one!
    Highly recommended! Feel free to send me a coupon code, guys! I’ll be getting a second one regardless! @Kenny Hardee

9. The back together countdown — never forget when you’re going to meet up in person.

Reuniting with your loved ones is an event that deserves to be celebrated. The countdown is always on in our heads — we know exactly when the moment will finally arrive, but it’s so nice to visualize it, and this cute design helps make it more pleasant.

  • A lovely product! This is an amazing product! For months, I have been looking for the perfect way to stay positive and count down until my other half returns from the Navy. This is such a beautiful product, and Helen is lovely and really helpful. It was dispatched and delivered really quickly and perfectly in time for my husband’s departure. Thank you so much! @Maisey

10. This jewelry set will always remind you about that special someone.

Couples’ bracelets are the ideal accessory to help bind you and your special someone together for all time. Even better, you can choose to match your bracelets or personalize each one with the name of the other partner. Whatever the case, your matching bracelet set is certain to be as special as your union.

  • An amazing couples’ gift! I had my doubts about how strong the magnet was, but then my girlfriend and I were watching TV, and while we were binging some Rick and Morty, we held hands, and the magnet connected really well. This is an adorable, affordable gift that is worth buying for really any occasion. @gavyn

How do you keep the spark alive in your relationship?

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